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Exercise Therapy for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Exercise Therapy for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is one of the handful conditions referred to as Runner’s knee. The onset of this condition is usually gradual. But in some cases, it can occur suddenly due to trauma. The symptoms usually include pain behind the kneecap, joint noises or giving way of the knee.

Is it patellofemoral pain?

Examination of a patellofemoral joint can prove to be challenging. The other structures around the knee may cause anterior knee pain which can be mistaken as patellofemoral pain. A thorough and systematic examination of the patellofemoral joint must be undertaken to confirm the condition.

Type of Exercise

Exercise therapy is highly recommended for PFPS. It reduces pain, improves function and aids long time recovery. The basic exercise principles are to restore muscle balance within quadriceps group, improving range of motion and restricting the offending physical activity.

The exercises are described according to three different parameters. The first is according to the type of muscle activity. This includes concentric, eccentric or isotonic muscle activity. Concentric muscle activity involves contraction, eccentric involves lengthening of muscles in an actively controlled manner. During isotonic activity, the muscle tension remains the same.

The second is the type of joint movement. This includes dynamic and static exercises. Static exercises are those in which the position of the knee does not change. Dynamic exercises are the ones which involve the change in position of the knee.

The third type is the Reaction forces which include closed or open kinetic chain. The kinetic chain is determined by the position of the foot. If the foot is in contact with a fixed surface, it is called closed kinetic chain. When the surface is not fixed, it is called open kinetic chain.

What exercises to perform

The following diagram describes some general exercises prescribed for PFPS.

Need help?

You might want to get some professional consult or help regarding your condition. There are some facilities which provide exercise therapy in Edmonton.

There are many facilities that can help you perform various rehabilitation exercises. Medication and other ways are also present for the treatment. However, exercise therapy is the most used and widely accepted as the most efficient rehabilitation treatment method for patients suffering from runner’s knee. If you’ve been experiencing pain in or around your knee region, or if you know somebody who has been experiencing pain in their knees, contact our professional physiotherapists in Edmonton today!