Five Reasons Why Seniors Need Massage Therapy

Five Reasons Why Seniors Need Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage for Seniors

Aging comes with its own issues. And, one of them is the inability to perform certain activities in way that you may have been able to perform when you were young. As the body becomes infirm, it is unable to withstand the stress from everyday physical activities. But, there is a way you can still keep your body healthy. Massage therapy is the solution. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of massage for seniors.

Geriatric Massage

Geriatric massage is a type of massage therapy specially designed for seniors to address the needs of their aging bodies. This type of massage is helpful to improve and maintain overall health as the body ages. Geriatric massage not only helps to maintain physical health but also helps maintain mental health. It involves an application of gentle pressure, oil or lotion, and passive stretching, which allows working on the body without causing any friction to the skin. These techniques help a senior’s body in the following ways:

1) Removes Muscle Stiffness

Seniors are often unable to perform a lot of physical activities as their body starts to become infirm with the growing age. As a result, the muscles of the body tend to become stiff that prevents smooth movement of the body. Massage therapy can help to a large extent to improve blood flow and remove muscle stiffness.

2) Enhances Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is crucial for seniors as inadequate flow of blood can give birth to many health issues that may get severe overtime. Peripheral artery disease of legs, blood clotting, and diabetes are some of the health complications that are caused due to poor blood circulation. As massage therapy involves kneading, gentle stroking, and application of light pressure on various parts of the body, it helps in improving blood circulation in the body.

3) Improves Balance

With old age, the bones become weak and lose its strength. As a result, many seniors mention falling as one of the major concerns. Due to weak bones, it becomes difficult to maintain proper balance. Massage therapy helps increase the blood flow and also improves proprioception. This effect of massage therapy, in turn, helps in improving balance and reduces the chances of falling.

4) Reduces the Pain of Arthritis

Massage therapy helps treat arthritis. While it can’t fully cure arthritis, it helps in relieving joint pain. With the help of various techniques used to remove the stiffness of muscles and tissues, massage therapy improves the blood flow to the joints thereby relieving pain.

5) Combats Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Massage therapy helps in lowering cortisol levels in the body upto 50%. It also helps in increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine that aids in stabilizing the mood. As a result, massage therapy is a proven treatment for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

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