How You Avoid Back Pain When Traveling?

How You Avoid Back Pain When Traveling?

You may love to travel and go to different places and have fun with your family and friends, but while you are traveling, you may be experiencing back strains. This is a common problem that travelers face. So, how can you avoid back pain and enjoy your trip? Below are some back pain remedies or travel tips to avoid back pain.

Carrying the Luggage
Make sure that you do not carry heavy luggage. If possible, use luggage with wheels. When you carry your luggage, use your leg muscles by bending rather than putting pressure on your back by standing straight. Ensure that you evenly distribute the weight on each side of your body. If the luggage is too heavy take the help of others.

Warm Up Before the Trip
If you’re in for a long journey, then you can do some warm up exercises. Warming up will prepare your back for the stressful experience and help alleviate back pain on road trips. Avoid over exercising or doing something which you usually don’t do.

Stay Hydrated
If you are traveling by flight, drinking plenty of water can be used as one of the back pain remedies to stay hydrated. The temperature in the cabin is dry and dehydration makes your joint stiffs and increases back problems.

Provide Support to the Lower Back
To alleviate back pain on road trips or long hour flights, make sure you have support for your back. You can do so by placing a cushion or back rolls behind your lower back. This will prevent slouching which causes back pain and keep your spine straight. You can also use back braces or tube shaped pillows as back support.

Check Your Posture
Your legs should be positioned at right angles to reduce the tension on the lower back. If you’re traveling by flight, prop up your feet by placing some blanket or cushion below your legs. Do not stay in one fixed posture for too long and make sure you move around in the flight. A common postural error is sleeping in a shifted position which brings an extra burden on one of your sit bone. Instead, rest your arms and head to the side and sleep.

Stretch Your Body
While traveling, make sure you stretch your legs and hips. Sitting for long hours leads to stiffness which brings tension on the hamstrings and hip muscles. This puts added pressure on your back. To prevent this, stand up and bend by touching your toes for few seconds. Do not overstretch yourself as this will cause some further problems.

Take Frequent Breaks
Avoid driving for long stretches. Instead take breaks in between. One of the travel tips to avoid back pain is to travel in groups. This way, you and your companions can take turns driving. You can use heated seat feature to alleviate back pain on road trips, if you have this feature. Remove your smartphone or wallet from back pocket and sit in a comfortable position.