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Anyone constantly plagued by chronic neck pain knows that it is more than just an annoyance. . Like every other chronic pain, the chances are that your neck pain has been caused by your lifestyle. The way you carry your bag, your posture and even your walking style can contribute to your neck pain.We may use the neck to only move our head, but its muscles are connected with the rest of our body. This means a strain on your shoulder, arm or spine can easily affect your neck muscles.The Screen StaringWhether you are at office or home staring at

Groin strains occur more often than we would like to believe, and are usually accompanied by pain and restricted movement. Treatment for groin strain injuries aim to reduce initial pain and inflammation, improve flexibility and muscle conditioning, strengthen and support while gradually rehabilitating to full fitness. The severity of the strain injuries may dictate the rehabilitation program and one must get the correct diagnosis before choosing a treatment process.Rehabilitation Program for Groin Strain Reducing Pain and Swelling – Complete rest with minimal activity is advised for at least 5 -7 days, but if pain persists, one must avoid exercise or activities