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Corporate Team

Erik Parkin

InHome Physical Therapy & Massage was founded in 2005 by Erik Parkin as a mobile service provider for the city of Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas. Erik is responsible for managing the general operations and best health practices. Erik attended the University of Alberta to obtain his B.A. in Kinesiology and Sporting History. During his third year, Erik volunteered at a local facility assisting the physically disabled with their mobility programs. Erik had bonded with several residents who would benefit from therapy but did not receive service due to staff shortages and no access to mobile service providers.

Once Erik completed his degree he began working within a private physical therapy & massage clinic as a Kinesiologist. During this time Erik’s passion for offering a service accessible to those with mobility barriers had continued to grow. After 18 months of private employment, he took the leap into the entrepreneurial world. Originally naming the company Home Care Rehabilitation (HCR) Solutions, this model was refined as the business grew throughout the Province of Alberta including operations in Calgary. The name was rebranded along the way to become InHome Physical Therapy & Massage.

Seeing the results and impact it had made in the lives of those with mobility barriers, Erik knew he needed to expand this model outside of his provincial market and to the larger country.

At this point, Erik decided to offer this business as a franchise and partnered with his long-time friend Chad Okrainetz to take this company to the next level of business growth.

Chad Okrainetz

Chad is an entrepreneur and accomplished Human Resource & Community Services professional who is responsible for the strategic business alignment, business development, and franchise support.

Chad attended the University of Saskatchewan to obtain his Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Human Resources. Two years later achieved a Canadian designation titled the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

After University Chad pursued a career in the healthcare industry working for a faith-based, non-profit organization which provides a variety of healthcare services within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Beginning his career as a Human Resource Generalist, Chad later moved into a Manager role before becoming the Vice President of Human Resources and Community Services. The Vice President role was responsible for the Human Resource department within the healthcare sector along with Community Services which encompasses mobile healthcare, senior advocate services, and group homes for those with physical or intellectual disabilities. Chad is passionate about the strategic alignment of supporting employees while developing successful business growth.

In addition to an executive career in healthcare, Chad has also been an entrepreneur with selling commercial products and has experience in the real estate industry focusing on residential construction, investing and marketing.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate about healthcare, Chad partnered with Erik Parkin to franchise the InHome Physical Therapy & Massage company across Canada.

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