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How Can Physiotherapy Relieve a Pinched Nerve in Neck?

How Can Physiotherapy Relieve a Pinched Nerve in Neck?

Neck pain is a common experience among people, but a lesser-known fact is the reason that causes it. Nerve damage and nerve pain are often symptoms of a nerve being pinched or entrapped. A pinch in the nerve, also called cervical radiculopathy is generally a consequence of injuries to structures adjacent to the nerve.

A nerve pinch can occur almost anywhere in the body, but it is most common in the nerves of the neck. When a pinched nerve affects a patient they tend to experience high intensity arm pain, weakness and altered reflexes.

How can physiotherapy help?

Once you know the cause of the pinched nerve, physiotherapy can help you in a number of ways. For example, if you are suffering from a pinched nerve as a part of Carpal tunnel syndrome, you can reduce the intensity of pain through acupuncture, exercises and ice therapy. Thus, depending on the cause of the pain, treatment procedures vary. However, here are some of the standard treatment procedures:

  • Exercises

Since this condition occurs due to injuries in the nerves, the treatment procedures usually involve strengthening and stretching exercises. These exercises help to loosen muscles and strengthen them. Often, deep neck stabilization exercises are also used to treat this ailment. Some of the common exercises used to treat pinched nerves are side bends, twists and hamstrings stretch.

  • Physiotherapy instrument mobilization

Physiotherapy instrument mobilization is a comparatively new concept that involves the use of a mechanical spring-loaded instrument to mobilize spinal and peripheral joints. It is a highly effective approach to ease pain quickly and to loosen stiff joints.

  • Dry needling and acupuncture

Acupuncture and dry needling are highly effective pain relief techniques that are used to fasten injury and muscle rehabilitation. Acupuncture is especially beneficial in providing great relief for neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and elbow pain.

  • Soft tissue massage

Soft tissue massage uses direct physical action on the muscle and other soft tissues to target muscles, tendons and ligaments that trigger pain. Soft tissue massages also help in promoting recovery of the damaged nerves.

Thus, physiotherapy through its number of techniques is an effective method of curing pinches in the nerve effectively without being inflicted with other side effects. For further advice on pinched nerves in the neck, contact our professionals.