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We are happy and excited to announce that we are open and seeing patients within their homes again! We are now providing essential care for all of our patients throughout Edmonton, Calgary, and the surrounding communities within their living environments. As before, all of our therapists will be providing physiotherapy services within our client’s homes. The good news is that due to the nature of our in-home physiotherapy service delivery, our treatments will not look much different than before. Safety Measures We will be taking all measures recommended by Alberta Health and Physiotherapy Alberta for infection prevention and control. This will help to keep

The radial nerve is responsible for controlling the wrist, fingers, and triceps. It runs down the back of your arm. Any injury to the radial nerve may result in loss of sensation in some part of the body, burning pain, and wrist drop. A radial injury could occur due to a variety of reasons. Common causes include sports injury, breaking your arm, overusing your arm, sleeping with a bad posture, putting pressure on the arm, lumps in the body that compress the nerves. Physiotherapy can help remedy minor cases of radial nerve injury within 12 weeks. The alternative surgical procedure,

Pain in the upper arm, near the shoulder region, is commonly reported by individuals who indulge in repetitive motions of the arm. Neglecting this pain could lead to a more serious injury, bicep tendonitis. The bicep muscle in our arm is held together in place by tendons that connect it to the shoulder bone in the top and radius at the bottom. Athletes such as baseball, basketball, and golfers who have to deal with extensive use of their upper arm for repeated motions are continuously at risk of injuring a tendon. Kinesio taping can offer an affordable solution with its

The sharp pulsating pain that you feel in the back of your neck region and in the middle region of the back could be caused by a strained levator scapula muscle. Sitting in your chair all day and staring at the computer screen with little or no movement causes stiffness or tightness in the levator scapulae. Though the disease can affect both the scapula muscles on the left and right side, in most of the cases, the left side is affected.  What causes Levator Scapulae strains? The levator scapula muscle-tendon originates on the transverse process of the first four cervical vertebrae of

To all of our current, future and past patients and family, This is Erik, the owner of InHome Physical Therapy & Massage. The first thing that I would like to say is that I hope that you and all of your families are well and have been able to adjust to our new world situation at this moment. We at InHome Physical Therapy & Massage are very aware of the high amount of stress and anxiety that this challenging time is presenting us with. We are here to help! Let me make it clear: WE ARE OPEN and we are here for