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InHome Physical Therapy offers mobile physical, massage, and exercise therapy to Edmonton & Calgary patients in the convenience of their own homes. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle or have mobility issues, InHome Physical Therapy's flexible service meets the unique needs of all patients. With appointments available at most times of the day - including evenings and weekends - we have the ability to work around any schedule.


At InHome Physical Therapy & Massage we understand the demand and intensity.


Seniors today want to maintain an active lifestyle as long as possible.

Busy Households

With the pressure of work and maintaining a home, there is less and less time.

Busy Professionals

With a strong commitment to your professional role and scheduling constraints.

Allow our physical therapists to treat muscle tightness, joint restrictions, impaired movement and more in the comfort of your own home.

Along with continuing to provide physiotherapy and exercise therapy to those in urgent or critical need and pass our covid19 vetting questionnaire, we are offering our current, old and new clients our telehealth program!

Enjoy the relaxing and healing effects of massage therapy without the stress or inconvenience of having to go out to an appointment.

Our exercise therapists utilize specific movements to improve overall body functions wherever and whenever convenient for you!


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