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Our History

Founded in 2005, Erik Parkin created InHome Physical Therapy & Massage as a mobile massage and physical therapy provide for Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Erik’s decision for creating InHome was influenced by his experiences while finishing his kinesiology degree at the University of Alberta. During this time, he volunteered at a local facility assisting physically disabled patients with mobility. He was quick to notice the lack of resources available in this area for those with mobility barriers. With this in mind, along with a passion for providing patients with accessible healthcare, Erik began working on a business model to offer patients the ability to receive therapeutic treatments in their own living environment.

After 18 months of working as a kinesiologist in a private physical therapy and massage clinic, Erik took the leap into entrepreneurship. He founded his own company, originally called Home Care Rehabilitation (HCR) Solutions, with the goal of removing mobility barriers that a patient would have. It wasn’t long before the company expanded throughout Alberta, including a location in Calgary.


Initially, HCR Solutions offered physical and exercise therapy. As the business grew, so did the number of services they offered. Massage therapy, athletic therapy, and personal fitness were added to the offerings, and the company rebranded itself as InHome Physical Therapy & Massage. The company continued to see steady growth and a strong, expanding patient base.

Seeing the results and impact it had made in the lives of those with mobility barriers, Erik knew he needed to expand this model outside of his provincial market and to the larger country.

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