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Direct Billing

Insurance paperwork can be overwhelming and even get in the way of using your benefits. InHome is pleased to offer direct billing for most major insurance providers in Canada, creating a much more enjoyable patient experience.

Treatments such as massage, physical therapy, and exercise therapy are often covered through extended health benefits. Each plan is different, so be sure to review your extended health benefit coverage before contacting us. We want to ensure the direct billing process is as quick, easy, and stress free as possible for our patients.

Note that not all insurance providers offer direct billing. In these cases patients will need to pay for the service themselves, then submit an expense to the insurance provider for reimbursement.


How Does Direct Billing Work?

Many insurance providers have an online portal for companies like InHome to log in and bill directly. When you provide us with your insurance policy information, we can log in to determine whether your coverage will pay for our service. If your insurance provider does cover our services, we can use your insurance information to setup a profile and direct bill the insurance provider. This saves each client time and out of pocket expenses with using their extended health benefits.

Will I ever need to pay up front?

This happens occasionally depending on the insurance provider.

If your insurance policy only covers a portion of the treatment, then you are responsible to pay the difference. Not all insurance providers cover 100% of the cost for service.

If it is the first time using Direct Billing, insurance providers can sometimes block the first transaction as they want to make sure the payment is legitimate. In these, cases you will need to pay upfront for your first InHome charge. This usually corrects itself for subsequent service charges.

If you have exceeded the amount of benefit coverage provided to you then you will need to pay the remaining cost of your appointment. It is your responsibility to track the amount of benefits you have used in relation to the amount of coverage your insurance provider allows.

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