Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Kinesio Taping

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Kinesio Taping

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition which science is still researching and learning about. Its main symptoms are pain and numbness in your wrist or fingers. This kind of numbness or pain mainly affects your thumb, index finger, long and radial half of the ring finger. Eventually, you will find a terrible pain running through your wrist and your grip will be very weak.

CTS usually occurs at night when you’re in a fixed sleeping position and don’t realise that it is effecting you until you awake up.

Why does it Happen?
The core reason for this pain or numbness effecting your hands is because of the median nerve is compressed which further leads to compression of your carpal tunnel in your wrist.  The median nerve is a major nerve that runs through your arm and connects with your carpal tunnel. So the deeper question is why does this compression happen?

A major reason for this compression is can be linked to oral contraceptives, obesity, arthritis, hypothyroidism, diabetes and trauma.

Another theory states that CTS occurs because of the work environment. Repetitive motion that pressurises, causes damage and eventually, traumatises the median nerve and carpal tunnel. Often, this repetitive motion occurs through force and vibration, putting intense pressure on your nerves.

CTS will cause numbness, pain and in time, loss of motion in your hand.

Kinesio Taping – The Solution
The solution to CTS is very simple – keep the wrist rigid so as not to compress your carpal tunnel. At first, wrist splints or braces were used, however, they are too rigid and it makes it difficult to function with a rigid hand. Plus, these splints or braces stiffen and strain the hand.

The beauty of Kinesio Tape is that it is able to provide strong support to your wrist and arm without affecting range of motion. Kinesio Tape is like an elastic tape which uses a body’s own healing power. It is firm, provides the necessary support and yet, gives you the needed flexibility to work your arm.

How to Put on the Kinesio Tape?
Most people put the tape wrongly and hence, its positive effects are not felt.

  • Cut a piece of Kinesio tape which will comfortably fit across your arm.
  •  Stretch the tape from your arm to your wrist.
  • From your wrist, make a small cut into the tape and split it into two. This will give you a V shape. The tape should stretch across the two sides your hand.
  •  The next step is to wrap the front of your wrist with a single layer of the Kinesio tape.

It is a simple process. You can watch a demonstration of putting on a Kinesio tape on YouTube.

Studies are constantly being conduct on understanding the CTS. You will find debates and varying theories flying around, however, Kinesio tape is a solution you must consider. In addition to it, you should also exercise your muscles and perform physiotherapy. This will help build back the strength lost by CTS.