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Physical therapists treat muscle tightness, joint restrictions, impaired movement and more related to injuries, strenuous repeated activities, and learned movements.

InHome’s approach to physical therapy is unique in that our therapists are mobile and come to you, whenever and wherever convenient! Whether you have limited mobility due to age or an injury, or you have a jam-packed schedule with little room for appointments, we work on a flexible schedule to cater to your lifestyle.

Physical therapy is not a “one and done” solution. It’s a series of exercises and lifestyle changes that need to be followed. Our Edmonton & Calgary-based teams understand that clients have unique lifestyles and work with them to create a program that best suits their schedule and environment.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing our talented physios, massage therapists, and kinesiologists to build a comprehensive treatment plan for patients in the comfort of their own home or workspace.


Physical therapy can benefit many conditions, including:



Muscle and Joint Pain (ie: back pain, shoulder and neck pain, osteoarthritis)

Neurology (ie: Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis)

Work Related Injuries

Injuries due to Motor Vehicle Collisions

How Physical Therapy Can Help

Repeat activities, previous injuries, and learned movements can lead to muscle tightness, joint restrictions, and impaired movement patterns.Your body will move on the path of least resistance, completely avoiding those areas. While it may seem like a good solution, this ultimately leads to overuse and new complications.

Our mobile physical therapists not only provide clients with fitness and wellness programs to improve mobility, but they also educate clients on how to manage their current condition so that they can maintain long-term health.

Overall, our goal is to help your body move better by reducing pain and increasing flexibility, strength, balance and more! Physical therapy has been proven to not only impact your body, but also impact your mind throughout all aspects of life.

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