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Physiotherapy for WCB

Getting injured at work can be a stressful ordeal. Between missing time from your job and healing your injury, the entire process can be worrying.

InHome Physiotherapy Solutions is dedicated to supporting you throughout your recovery and ensuring that you receive the right benefits based on your unique situation.

We are proud to offer WCB-authorized physiotherapy treatments to address your work-related injury.

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physiotherapist filling our WCB forms for patient

Involved in an accident at work, why not heal from home!

There is no doubt that experiencing a work related injury can be a stressful ordeal, don’t make your recovery part of the problem! Working with an InHome physiotherapist will ensure you receive an individualized treatment plan created specific to you and your unique needs, one that will help you on your road to recovery, with your well-being, comfort, and overall health as our primary focus!

At InHome Physiotherapy we offer WCB approved treatments from the comfort of your own home! Your assigned therapist will ensure all necessary WCB forms are filled out and submitted while our billing department will correspond with WCB directly on your behalf.

Our team is committed to working with you and WCB to ensure you return to work healed and with the knowledge & know-how necessary to keep you safe from reinjury.

WCB: steps and resources

You’ve been injured at work… What do you do?

The first step after you have notified your employer of an accident at work will be to tell your doctor ( they are required by law to report your injury to WCB within 48 hours). The next step will be to report your injury to WCB using their mobile app or completing a report of injury document.

When you have submitted your report to WCB, it will be reviewed and a claim decision made. Should your claim be approved, a range of treatment and rehabilitation services will be offered to you based on the nature of your injury.

Once you have received approval for treatment and rehabilitation services, your next step will be to contact InHome to arrange an assessment with a physiotherapist!

For your convenience, we have listed a brief overview below of the steps required for reporting your work related injury.

1. Reporting your injury

a. Tell your employer

b. Tell your doctor

c. Tell WCB

2. Claim classification

3. Claim decision

4. Treatment & Recovery

a. Medical Benefits

b. Resources

5. Return to work

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