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Physiotherapy for WCB

Getting injured at work can be a stressful ordeal. Between missing time from your job and healing your injury, the entire process can be worrying.

InHome Physiotherapy Solutions is dedicated to supporting you throughout your recovery and ensuring that you receive the right benefits based on your unique situation.

We are proud to offer WCB-authorized physiotherapy treatments to address your work-related injury.

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physiotherapist filling our WCB forms for patient

What is WCB?

The Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta was created to administer the Worker’s Compensation Act and is funded by the province’s employers and workers. They provide cost-effective liability and disability coverage for illness and injuries related to work.

Through this program, you can be compensated for lost income if you are injured on the job and be provided with health care and other services related to your recovery.

In the province of Alberta, WCB only covers treatment and medical aid benefits for injuries/illnesses that are compensable (i.e., happened at work). You are responsible for additional Alberta Health Care coverage costs for other health issues.

When it comes to compensation, WCB does not cover non-taxable employment benefits (such as Blue Cross) and pension costs. They also do not pay for private or semi-private hospital rooms.

WCB provides each patient with a case manager or adjudicator to discuss medical treatment, determine what you are covered for, and answer any questions you may have.

WCB Compensation and Coverage

When accessing WCB compensation for physiotherapy treatments, most medical benefits are paid upfront while others are reimbursed.

At InHome Physiotherapy Solutions, we are happy to offer direct billing to our patients.

This means that there are no upfront costs for your physiotherapy services if you are seeking treatment through WCB!

I’ve Been Hurt At Work – What Should I Do?

To ensure that you receive WCB compensation for physiotherapy treatment when you are injured at work, it’s important to take the following steps:

1. Inform Your Employer

You must notify your employer immediately that you have been injured. They are obligated to report the incident to WCB Alberta within 72 hours if you require immediate medical treatment beyond first aid or you cannot continue working following the accident.

2. Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

Contact your healthcare provider and inform them that you were injured at your job. Your doctor is required to report your injury to WCB Alberta within 48 hours.

3. Contact WCB

Send your Report of Injury form to WCB Alberta immediately. You can find these forms on their website, at any WCB Alberta office, or you can report your injury online.

4. Seek Treatment

Your doctor will prescribe treatment for your injury. If the recommended treatment is physiotherapy, contact our office right away. We can have you set up to receive treatment within a week of referral.

Heal In Your Own Home

InHome Physiotherapy Solutions provides therapy and services to those with mobility barriers.

We are proud to offer therapeutic treatment at your home so you can enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy in your own living environment!

Our focus is solely on your well-being, comfort, and overall health.

Getting Back to Work

InHome Physiotherapy Solutions is committed to working with WCB Alberta to ensure that your injury is treated with the utmost care so that you can return to work fully healed and ready to do your job!

If you have questions about WCB and our physiotherapy services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us through our website or give us a call at +1-844-256-7684.

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