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3 Best Exercises For Stroke Recovery

3 Best Exercises For Stroke Recovery

According to the Canadian Federal website, there are nearly 741,000 individuals, over the age of 20, who live with the effects of a stroke. Stroke is a medical condition caused due to a poor flow of blood to the brain. Ischemic stroke is the most common type of stroke in Canada. It results from a sudden brain vessel blockage. 

In the past few years, this ailment has also been one of the most common reasons for death in Canada. Getting back to normal life can be difficult for stroke survivors as well. Physiotherapists recommend different exercises for stroke patients to speed up their recovery. Let’s take a look at some effective exercises for stroke patients:

  • Arm Exercises

An important aspect of stroke recovery is relearning the things your brain already knew. This includes increasing the muscle control of your arms and reducing their spasticity. The following movement help in restoring mobility among stroke patients:

Punching Movements

This simple exercise works on improving your shoulder mobility. All you have to do is place a bottle of water on the table. Then, make a fist with your affected hand and glide your arm across the table to punch the bottle. While doing this, see to it that your elbow and forearm are on the table. Do five repetitions of this exercise daily. 

  • Leg Exercises

Two of the major consequences of a stroke are – a limitation of your range of motion and a loss of balance and coordination. Your therapist will recommend a series of leg exercises to help improve these issues. One such exercise is:

Standing and Balancing
To perform this exercise, hold on to a stable surface and stand straight while you transfer your weight onto the other side. The next step is to swing the other leg to the side and hold this position for about 10 seconds. Then, slowly lower your leg back to the floor. Repeat this movement a few times and switch to the other leg. 

  • Core Exercises

Stroke recovery usually places emphasis on increasing mobility and sensation in your limbs. However, without a strong core, it is impossible to recover completely. These exercises focus on enhancing your core strength by working on your back muscles, abdominal muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. One of these core exercises for stroke patients includes:

Trunk Rotation

To do this exercise, sit comfortably on the floor. Now, place your right hand on the rear end of your left thigh. Keeping your back straight, use your arm to twist your torso to the left. In case of any difficulty while performing this stretch, consult your therapist to assist you. Repeat this movement for each side.

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