6 Ways to Glow from Inside Out

6 Ways to Glow from Inside Out

Glow from Inside Out

6 Ways to Glow from Inside Out
Nothing beats the charm of a glowing and healthy skin. Couple it with good health and a resilient immunity, and your dream lifestyle is unfolding right in front of your eyes. But, to achieve these utopian fitness goals, you need to work from the inside out.
Instilling the right eating habits, practicing a regular workout routine and relaxing in a way that truly matters helps you achieve a glow from deep within. This is because, when your body is happy from the inside, you naturally shine from the outside. 
Here are a few tips on how to become healthy from within:

  • Get a Massage

You may deem it unnecessary but getting a massage from a qualified Physical Therapist (PT) can work wonders for your body and your mind. A PT uses different massage techniques such as trigger point therapy to relieve excess tension from your body and center your mind. 
Most of us take some time out every week to unwind. But to recharge your body from within, you need to do more than relax. You need to relax right. Massage therapy helps you do just that. It is also mobile. So, you can also book a session right at your home and avoid the hassle of driving to the therapist.

  • Do the Cleanse thing

Yes, it actually works. Juicing your body once every two weeks allows you to detoxify impurities from your body. The right beauty cleanse also lets you hydrate fully and get some veggie nutrition which is difficult to intake otherwise. Although cold pressed juices work really well, you can mix and match different fruits and veggies yourself to tailor it to your specific tastes.

  • Eat some Chocolate

Go ahead. We won’t tell anyone. Actually, you don’t need to hide your chocolate eating habits anymore. Studies indicate that eating 6 grams of dark chocolate everyday helps you release stress from your body and keeps your skin glowing. Just make sure the bar has at least a 70% cocoa content.

  • Work out

We know what you’re thinking. How could hitting a gym possibly make you happier? But, you don’t need to experiment with intense fitness training to get healthier from within. Even a fifteen-minute exercise routine with your PT can get your body back on track. Short runs, simple physio stretches, they all help you glow from inside.

  • Hydrate

No way around it. There is no simply alternative to hydrating correctly. Drinking the right amount of water every day improves your digestion, helps in getting rid of those unpleasant eye bags and also accelerates alkalization.

  • Go Dairy

Got milk? If no, then you should probably get some. Milk and milk products like curd, cream and cheese are instant mood elevators. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious blueberry cheesecake or a yummy lime yogurt? However, the relationship between you and dairy should always be like that of a frenemy. A regulated supply of calcium is great for your skin and health, but over consumption of dairy harms your gut.

Keep these tips on how to become healthy from within to get that eternal glow for your body and your mind. You can also consult our physiotherapy experts to get that exercise routine started.