7 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy

7 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy

Most of us are unaware of the daily wear and tear that our joints go through in performing routine tasks. It gets our attention only when they cause pain or impair movement. Joint well being is a growing concern for the current population which has developed multitudes of unhealthy habits. Joint injuries and ailments are common during old age, but a number of young people have complained about joint issues. Here are a few simple lifestyle and workout changes which will make those joints last longer.

1. Maintain a healthy weight
The first thing to start off with is maintaining your weight. There are multiple benefits of keeping your weight in check one of which is less strain on your joints. Your joints, especially knee joints are under the constant stress of carrying your body weight around. Keeping your weight in check can help relieve stress from these joints and promote joint stability and strength.

2. Stay hydrated, always
We always tend to underestimate the value little things can bring. Water constitutes about 70% of our body weight and plays a very crucial role in several bodily functions one of which is joint lubrication. Dehydration can lead to achy joints and make you feel exhausted. Make drinking water at regular intervals a habit to keep you hydrated.

3. Use proper supportive gear
A supportive gear that most of us get wrong is shoes. If you frequently experience pain in your knee joint or ankle areas your shoe choice might be the reason. Improper or ill fitting shoes are a cause of joint pain and if not corrected could lead permanent long term damage.

4. Eat well to stay well
For a generation which has grown up on junk food and aerated drinks, health issues are bound to plague them. But, your joints’ condition can be drastically improved and maintained by a few foods which are rich in essential fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, raw nuts, seeds and flaxseed. A cup of green / ginger tea daily can address joint inflammation.

5. Exercise regularly, stretch daily
To keep your joints healthy you don’t have to exercise daily, but make sure do it regularly enough. Couch potatoes and desk addicts are the ones who complain the most about deteriorating joint health. At work, keep yourself active by taking regular walk breaks or stretching breaks.

6. Protect your joints
Protecting your joints from injuries is equally as important as maintaining its health. Make sure you are taking proper care during your exercise routines by considering your current physical condition. When performing lifts make sure you follow the right technique or you risk injuring your knees, back and neck. Wearing protective gear such as knee pads, shin pads, elbow pads, etc during high risk activities will reduce injury risk.

7. Maintain good posture
Posture plays an important role in causing temporary and permanent damage to your joints. Slouching is your joints biggest enemy. Make sure you stand and sit straight which improves joint health from neck to knee. Maintaining good posture while exercising and stretching will boost joint strength.

Start taking care of your joints from an early age so that you enjoy a pain free life in the later stages!