Athletic Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

Athletic Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

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What is athletic therapy and Sports rehabilitation?

Edmonton athletic therapy is a rehabilitation centre providing immediate healthcare and Sports rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries by certified athletic therapists. It involves the assessment and treatment of dysfunctionalities caused by pain and injury. Only a certified athletic therapist can practice athletic therapy and sports rehabilitation.

Who can benefit from athletic therapy? Do I need to be an athlete?

Everyone can benefit! And you most definitely do not need to be an athlete. Other than athletic population, the Edmonton athletic therapy is also beneficial to all sorts of pains and aches. The musculoskeletal injuries, injuries occurred due to accidents, injuries faced by the athletes require athletic therapy and rehabilitation by professionals. User groups of Edmonton athletic therapy also include active individuals, injured workers, recreational athletes, professional athletes and competitive amateur athletes.

How is athletic therapy different from physiotherapy?

There are certain similarities between physiotherapists and athletic therapists, when it comes to orthopedic assessments. The difference lies largely in the treatment styles and varying work environment, though some injuries can only be treated by athletic therapy and sports rehabilitation.
Services offered by athletic therapists?

Edmonton athletic therapy covers preventive, accidental and rehabilitation services like General Strength and Conditioning, and Conditioning Sports Nutrition Injury Prevention, sports nutrition, injury prevention, sports testing, emergency care and transport, exercise rehabilitation, aquatic therapy.

Say yes to athletic therapy and sports rehabilitation!

Athletic therapies are crucial for not only athletes, but also those who are physically active because of the various advantages it has over other therapies. You don’t need to be an athletic to get a therapy done.