4 Unknown Benefits of Massage Therapy

4 Unknown Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is an ancient form of therapy with its origins dating back to early 2700 B.C. For centuries, medical practitioners and scholars have acknowledged the benefits of this form of therapy. Even today, it is considered to be a great remedy for relieving stress, muscle soreness and for treating sports injuries. However, most people are unaware of the many benefits of getting a massage from an experienced physiotherapist. Some of these unknown benefits include easing of anxiety, digestive disorders, increase in immunity and enhanced exercise performance.

Here we will focus on some of these unknown benefits of massage therapy – 

  • Helps Calm Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition in which an individual regularly experiences feelings of worry, anxiety and extreme fear. These symptoms are so severe that it affects their day-to-day activities. Massage therapy helps in relieving stress which, in turn, reduces the symptoms of anxiety disorder and helps individuals lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Elevates your Mood

Massage therapy eases the tension from your joints and muscles and promotes the release of positive hormones. Your therapist uses specialized techniques to make you feel energized and revitalized. This induces feelings of comfort. People suffering from depression experience positive changes in their behavior after a massage therapy from a certified therapist. Hence, along with physiological benefits, massage therapy also has psychological benefits.

  • Enhances Exercise Performance

A complete body massage benefits athletes and people involved in rigorous, physical activity. It reduces muscle tension and muscle hypertonicity. This enables athletes to continue their exercise routine with vigor. Massage therapy also promotes relaxation and increases your range of motion. It is recommended for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to get massage therapy in Edmonton regularly, as it decreases post-workout muscle stiffness and fatigue. 

  • Strengthens Immunity System

Not many people know that massage therapy can also help in strengthening your immunity system. Regular sessions of this therapy are known to increase the activity level of body’s natural fighter cells. These cells protect us from harmful diseases. It also helps in increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrition wherever required. 

These were a few benefits of massage therapy that most people are not privy to. To find a specialist for massage therapy in Edmonton, get in touch with our experts at In-Home Physical Therapy and Massage today.