Benefits of Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Benefits of Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain can be acute, recurrent, or chronic. Acute back pain lasts less than three months, recurrent lower back pain returns after a period of relief. Chronic back pain doesn’t go away unless you get it treated. There is substantial treatment in the medical community to show that physiotherapy is an effective treatment for lower back pain. The causes of lower back pain are many. Degenerative spinal disc, bad posture, herniated disc, osteoporosis, or osteoarthritis and other muscoskeletal disorders are common. These are some of the benefits of physical therapy for lower back pain.

Prior Surgery
Surgery is a treatment for chronic lower back pain but should only be considered after undertaking at least four weeks of physical therapy. This is because surgery is a complicated procedure that leaves the body requiring more time to heal. Physical therapy shows its effects within days of receiving therapy. Plus, it avoid cutting open the patient and the intake of any pain medication.

Benefits of Exercise

Physical therapy involves stretching exercise that mobilizes the spine and improves the strength of the lower back. A professional physiotherapist makes sure that these exercises do not strain the back of the patient. These exercises are lightweight so that even senior citizens can perform them with ease.

Simple exercises like kneeling on all fours, with your back straight and pushing down your bottom, without distorting the natural curve of your spine, are performed. Such exercises help straighten the spine and reduce the strain on the lower back.

Another effective form of therapy is hydrotherapy. This requires the patient to perform exercises in a pool of water. The buoyant force of water provides support to the patient while doing the exercises.

Benefits of Physical Modalities
A patient with lower back pain will have difficulty moving. Before therapy begins a professional physiotherapist may use modalities, such as heat, to reduce stiffness in the patient’s back. Once the exercises are complete, he may use ice or compression techniques, to provide relief to the patient.

Benefits of Good Posture
An important aspect of physiotherapy is educating the patients. The patient is taught proper postural movements. The root of lower back pain is usually bad posture. In the hubbub of daily affairs, we tend to slouch and put excess strain on the lower back. Thus, we aggravate any medical problems we may already have. A good posture distributes body weight evenly in the body. It relieves lower back pain.

The severity of lower back pain ranges from patient to patient. However, the worst cases can leave a person bed ridden and sleep deprived, due to the pain. Avoid this scenario with physical therapy. Let a professional physiotherapist take a look at your lower back. Get in touch with physical therapy Calgary to learn more.