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Can Physiotherapy Remedy Nerve Injuries

Can Physiotherapy Remedy Nerve Injuries

remedy nerve injuries

The nerves are the messengers of the body. Neural impulses control everything from muscle function to sensation of pain. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that nerve damage can cause paralysis, pain, numbness, muscle weakness, diminished reflexes, and loss of bladder control.

There are various causes for nerve injuries. A bad fall could lead to spinal or brain damage. Muscle cramps and bad posture could cause nerve compression. The peripheral nervous system could be damaged by heat, leading to loss of sensation.

Physical therapy has helped many patients with nerve injuries. It is less dangerous than surgical treatment. The nervous system is a delicate and sophisticated system. It is highly recommended to get your nerve damage diagnosed by a professional physiotherapist.

Let’s see how physiotherapy can help patients with nerve damage.

Pinched Nerve
When the nerve is constricted by the surrounding muscles a condition known as pinched nerve occurs. Patients often suffer from a pinched nerve in the neck due to bad posture. The physiotherapist will educate the patient in postural exercises to help with the pain.

Nerve Compression
Nerve compression occurs when there is extreme pressure on the nerves. This can be due to spinal injury, herniated disc, or enlarged blood vessels. The root of the nerve is compressed leading to loss of sensation, sometimes paralysis. The patient may show symptoms such as muscle weakness, difficulty moving, and slurred speech.

The physiotherapist may put pressure on certain parts of the patient’s body to help relieve the nerves. Nerve gliding activities allow the nerve to bend easily, allowing them to accommodate themselves better. This is especially useful when the nerves are compressed between the spinal discs.

Damaged Nerve Endings
Nerve endings could be damaged by getting burnt or scraped. This could result in extreme pain felt by the patient. The physiotherapist may use massage therapy as a treatment method, to increase blood circulation and heal the damaged nerve. Massage therapy also releases endorphins in the body and helps with pain reduction.

Bladder Control
Nerve injuries can sometimes lead to sphincter muscles relaxing, voiding of the contents of the bowels. Physiotherapy exercises can help with muscle control. These exercises would help the patient regain control of his sphincter or urethral muscles.

Balance and Proprioception
Sensory nerve damage could affect the patient’s sense of balance. Making it difficult to walk or balance properly. This is because the neural impulses received by the brain are flawed. The professional physiotherapist will help the patient regain a sense of balance through vestibular physiotherapy.

Nerve injury can significantly drop the quality of life of patients. Some patients may become so demotivated that they develop suicidal tendencies. The true horror of nerve injury lies in partial or complete paralysis. Get in touch with a professional physiotherapist at physical therapy Edmonton, to learn more about the remedies of nerve injuries.