Common Conditions Physiotherapy can Remedy

Common Conditions Physiotherapy can Remedy

Common Conditions Physiotherapy can Remedy

Physiotherapy has become a popular practice in the medical community, to treat physiological defects and ailments that affect our daily lives. It is an especially effective treatment for the elderly suffering from age related health problems. The scope of physiotherapy is not only limited to physiological ailments but also mental illness. These are a few common conditions physiotherapy can remedy.


Arthritis is the deterioration of the joints. A patient suffering from this condition has difficulty moving and experiences pain in the joints. Physiotherapy helps remedy this condition by strengthening the muscle joints and improving mobility.

Sports Injuries
ACL injury, sprain, tears, and fractures all require physiotherapy. The rehabilitation program assists the recovery process of the injured area and helps the athlete return to his original condition. Physiotherapy is also beneficial to athletes post surgery to regain normal muscle function and flexibility.

Chronic Pain
Back, neck and muscle pain can be remedied by postural exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist. Furthermore, pain threshold of the patient can be increased through electrical stimulation, heat, cold and compression techniques.

Pregnancy Related
Incontinence and lower back pains caused due to pregnancy are treated by physiotherapy. The pelvic girdle in strengthened by performing physiotherapy exercises that provide support. This support is required by a mother who is carrying a child. Pregnancy related stress can also be treated using physiotherapy.

Spondylitis, herniated disc, fibromyalgia, and any kind of movement impairment can be treated with physiotherapy. The rehabilitation program sessions will include exercise, patient education, supportive bracing or taping, medication, and balance training.

Insulin levels in the body can be increased with physical therapy exercises and treatment. Diabetes patients can be educated in the proper management of their illness. Increased metabolism, regulated blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels have been reported by patients. Patients also lead a more active lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Disease
Physiotherapy includes scheduling a fitness training regimen that is perfect for patients with cardiovascular disease. These non intensive exercises can be performed by all age groups. These exercises aim to increase the elasticity of blood vessels. This makes pumping blood easier and puts less pressure on the heart.

Mental Illness
Dementia and Parkinson’s can be managed through physiotherapy treatment. Mental health can be correlated to physical health. Physiotherapy aims to get senior citizen out of their sedentary lifestyles and become more active. Early onset of Alzheimer’s can also be delayed by physiotherapy.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory problems that culminate in more serious illnesses, such as Asthma, can be treated using physiotherapy. The physiotherapy teaches proper breathing techniques and postural movements that reduce the burden on your lungs. Cystic fibrosis which affects the lungs and the digestive system can also be managed using physiotherapy treatment.

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