Deep Tissue Massage And Its Various Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage And Its Various Benefits

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Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the deep layers of your muscles, tendons, and fascia. Used for therapy and rehabilitation, this kind of massage is performed by using fingers to pressurize the muscles with strokes that are firm and slow. Deep tissue massage releases the tension and stiffness of the tissues deep inside your muscles. When undergoing a deep tissue massage therapy you can expect a bit of discomfort, but the result that you get is really impressive. You will not only get rid of the pain in the affected area but also enjoy its various benefits as mentioned below:

Reduces Chronic Pain

Muscle pain is caused due to various reasons, such as improper sitting posture, overstretching of the muscle, muscle pull, etc. Accidents can also lead to muscle damage and this can result in chronic pain. Once the therapist locates the affected area, then they will apply the required pressure to release the stiffness within the muscles and get rid of the pain.

Increases Mobility

Joints connect our bones and help with our daily movements. When you suffer a joint and muscle pain, your ability to flex and move your muscles reduces. Deep tissue massage works on the affected area and applies pressure techniques to release the tension and improves mobility.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Our busy and stressful lifestyles can easily make us victim to high blood pressure. The constant stress and anxiety, if not dealt with, can lead to serious conditions like heart stroke or heart attack. The massage techniques applied in a deep tissue massage therapy improves the blood flow in your body. The entire process is soothing and helps relax your mind, relieving you of the stress and anxiety. As a result, it helps you maintain your heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Breaks Down Scar Tissues

When you suffer an injury or a muscle tear, the healing process results in a scar tissue. These tissues are formed of collagen fibre, whose main function is the repair of damaged fibres within the body. Scar tissues can restrict flexibility as their elasticity is lower than the natural tissues. Because of this nature, you may even suffer injury on the same area again. Deep tissue massage helps break down these tissues and promote proper healing of the tissues. Going for a deep tissue massage can help you decrease pain and promote unrestricted mobility.

While these are some, a deep tissue massage can get you many more benefits. If you’ve been wanting to rid yourself of the built up stress or need to cope with an injury, then you can avail of our massage therapy services at InHome Physical Therapy.