Doctor or Physiotherapist, Whom Should be Visited for Physical Injuries

Doctor or Physiotherapist, Whom Should be Visited for Physical Injuries


When it comes to physiotherapy or a physiotherapist there is no end to confusion. The confusion can range from the existence of physiotherapy as an actual science to what is physiotherapy, to the effectiveness of physiotherapy and most importantly are physiotherapists any different from general physicians?

The answer to all of the above questions is yes. Physiotherapy is an actual science that involves combination of exercises and therapies to cure ailments. Professionals who conduct physiotherapy sessions are highly trained and specialized in the field of physiotherapy.

Thus, comparing doctors to physiotherapist is like comparing tigers to cats, they belong to the same family, but they are different with different abilities.

Why visiting a physiotherapist is better for injuries

1. They are better equipped to diagnose injuries

Like mentioned before, doctors and physiotherapists belong to the same category, but the diagnosis conducted by them are different in nature. While physiotherapists diagnose movement related problems, general physicians are involved in medical diagnosis.

Thus, if a person is injured, it is best to visit a physiotherapist because he has access and knowledge of special methods and equipment dedicated and developed for fast recovery.

2. They are better equipped to treat injuries

Undoubtedly, both general physicians and physiotherapists have inputs into an injury. However, the treatment provided by both parties is different from the other. There are certain advantages of visiting a physiotherapist with an injury. These include detailed treatment to avoid recurrence of disease and improvement in lifestyle through re-educating the patient.

Also, physiotherapists are exclusively trained to solve problems arising in different tissues, joints and muscles, thus, they have more extensive knowledge of what problem you are going through and how it can effectively be treated.

3. No popping of pills

Physiotherapy mainly deals with treatment of ailments through exercises. Thus, if the prescribed exercises are performed correctly and at the right time, physiotherapy is a process that involves no side effects.

Hence, if you visit a physiotherapist instead of a general physician after sustaining serious injuries, it will not only prevent you from popping pills but will also help in curing ailments without worrying about any side effects.

4. Scanning of problems is less expensive

Scanning can be prescribed by either doctors or physiotherapists. But by conducting a scan after visiting the physiotherapists, you can save yourself the trouble of scanning the whole body.

Also, scanning prescribed by physiotherapists are relatively better administered than those prescribed by doctors.

5. Physiotherapists and doctors often work in collaboration

You don’t have to actually make a choice; doctors and physiotherapists often work as a team.

Since doctors deal with medical diagnosis, if there are cases that go beyond their capability, they refer them to physiotherapists who can handle the situation better.

If you’re still confused, visit our expert physiotherapists in Edmonton, and they thoroughly diagnose the problem and will also advise you if there is any need to visit the doctor.