Four Common Exercises You Can Try At Home To Improve Physical Strength

Four Common Exercises You Can Try At Home To Improve Physical Strength

Improve Physical Strength

Some of the best physical exercises for your body don’t require you to go to the gym. Simple physical activities that can be synced with your daily routine can do wonders to your body and health. They can help you to keep your weight under control, improve your muscle strength and flexibility, strengthen your bones, prevent bladder control issues, and even improve your mental strength. Your age and fitness level hardly matters when doing these physical activities to help you get in shape and lower your risk for problems. Let’s have a look at some common exercises you can try at home to improve physical strength.

1. Bench Step Up

Bench Step Up is one of the most widely used exercises to improve physical strength and endurance. You can perform this exercise easily at home. To do this exercise, you can use a bench, on which when you step a foot your knee bends to a 90 degree angle. Simply step onto the bench and step off. But, make sure that you can balance your body when stepping on and off the bench. Repeat the action at least 10 times with each foot.

2. Hops

Hopping helps release muscle tension and improves endurance. It also helps improve coordination between your foot, ankle, calf, and hip muscles. The movements between the muscles are very similar to that of running. Try to hop as fast as you can for 20 seconds. Swap your feet and repeat the exercise on the other leg. You can slightly adjust this by bouncing from one foot to the other.

3. Inchworm

Inchworm helps manage your body-weight. This exercise helps to improve body balance, muscle flexibility and strength. You can practice it at home without the help of machinery. Straighten your legs and stand up tall. Bend forward and touch the floor with your your fingertips. Next, keep your legs straight, parallel to the floor and put your hands forward. Take tiny steps so that your feet meet up your hands, and repeat this exercise.

4. Walking

Walking is the simplest exercise that you can do to improve physical strength. It improves cholesterol levels, strengthens your bones, and lowers the risk of a number of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Walking improves memory as it helps resist age-related memory loss. Walk for about 10-15 minutes at a time. All you require is a well fitting pair of walking shoes. Try to walk for 30-60 minutes on most days of a week.

While these were some, indulging in activities like jogging, dancing, and playing with your kids can also improve your physical stamina. If you suffer from any muscle, joint, and other body problems, you may contact us at InHome Physical Therapy and Massage. We offer physical and exercise therapy in the comfort of your home.