How can a Massage Detox You?

How can a Massage Detox You?

Our body goes through a lot of functions in a day. We do physical and mental work. We eat foods that don’t get digested properly and leave harmful waste substances in the body. The body has the ability to relieve itself of those substances. The liver, lymphatic veins, and kidneys are constantly working to purge the body of any kind of toxins. But there are places in our body that hold these toxins, which causes a variety of health problems in the body. But there’s good news – toxins can be released from the body with the use of physical therapy or massage.

Toxins and Their Effects
Toxins are poisonous substances that are acquired by the body through food or are sometimes produced by the body itself due to weak waste management. Toxins can get accumulated in the body if your digestive system is not working properly or if you have a weak liver or kidneys. Toxins can get accumulated between muscle spaces, joints of the body, and under the skin. Increased amounts of toxins in the body can cause serious health issues. Stress is just one of them. When toxins get accumulated between the muscles, it causes muscular knots and leads to muscular pain. The accumulation of toxins like uric acid in the joints of the body forms crystals and can cause arthritis in the joints. Toxin release is also important for clear skin. Accumulation of toxins in the dermal layer causes clogging of the skin pores, acne, and other skin related problems. A toxic body can never be efficiently functional. Feeling of tiredness and fatigue all day is the sign that you need to release toxins from your body. Increased toxicity in the blood leads to weakening of the immune system. Massage therapy is known to work on muscles and joints and even on other areas of the body. A private massage can be beneficial to overall health, relieve the body of harmful toxins, and give your body and mind a pure feel.

Detox Massage
Massage therapy is known for its healing capabilities. There are specialized massage therapists in Calgary for various diseases. Massage is being used for the patients of Parkinson’s disease. A private massage routine with a therapist can help you release the toxins accumulated in your muscles and joints in the comfort of your home. Massage therapy can also strengthen the immune system of the body and re-engage the detoxification abilities of the body. Here’s how massage detoxifies your body.

  • Your physiotherapist knows which areas to target for detoxification. A specialized private massage can release the tensions of muscles and release the toxic substances.
  • A detox massage mainly works on the lymphatic nodes and vessels. The massage releases the clogs and congestion to increase the lymph flow through the body, which in turn removes the toxicity out of the body.
  • A simple private massage session can help you improve the circulation of liquids in the whole body. Proper circulation of blood and water in the body helps greatly in the release of toxins.
  • Massaging around the kidney area improves the flow of substances to and from the kidney and increases filtration processes.
  • Pressure point massage around the liver restores its ability to detox the blood and release toxins through bile production.
  • Massage therapy induces full movement of the rib cage and lungs. This facilitates better breathing, which is important for better circulation, and provides freshness to the blood cells.

A private massage from a good massage therapist in Calgary can help you detox better. Always try keeping hydrated after the massage. If you need a refreshing weekend with massage therapy, contact us at InHome Physical Therapy and Massage.