How Does Massage Help to Relieve Pain?

How Does Massage Help to Relieve Pain?

Massage Help to Relieve Pain

Pain, especially the chronic and persistent ones interferes with the patients social, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides. A person suffering from pain may find it difficult to carry out daily activities and engage in social activities. Massage causes positive physiological changes in your body. It is a popular treatment for lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and provides relief from tension. Massage can reduce anxiety and improve your well being and health-related quality of life. Massage is better to relieve pain when compared to other treatments like acupuncture and physical therapy. Mobile massage therapy is growing in popularity rapidly in Canada and across the globe. Let’s know how massage can help us to get relief from pain.

Reduces Inflammation

Massage is beneficial during rehabilitation from injury. It helps you to reduce inflammation in the body. Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for patients with chronic inflammatory conditions. The process of inflammation is essential in a healing process. Massage helps to prevent inflammation from becoming excessive or prolonged. Thus it aids in your ability to achieve optimal health.

Provides Stress Relief

The massage therapist manipulates the body tissues to relieve pain or decrease the stress levels. Massage help you to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. It increases the production of endorphins which helps you to reduce stress and migraines. The release of endorphins into the bloodstream, stimulates the pain blockers around that of the body. This helps to reduce the pain even for chronic sufferers.

Promotes Relaxation of Muscles

Pain can originate due to muscle knots, a common factor in pain problems. Massage helps to treat tensed muscles and relax the muscles. Muscles massaged after an exercise have fewer damaged fibers. Massaged muscles weighs about 8 percent less than the remaining muscles indicating a reduction in swelling.

Improves Circulation of Blood in the Affected Areas

A person with poor circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts created due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Proper circulation and flow brings oxygen-rich blood to damaged tense muscles. Pressure created by the massage facilitates circulation through the congested areas and tissues that gradually heals the strained muscles. This eventually helps to improve the bodily functions.

Speeds Up the Healing Process

Muscles having microscopic tears and inflammation can cause pain in the body. Massaged muscle cells can make new mitochondria to promote faster recovery from exercise-induced muscle damages. Thus massage helps to activate molecules that reduce inflammation and promote mitochondrial growth.

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