How Young is Too Young for Massage Therapy

How Young is Too Young for Massage Therapy

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From our general observations, the thought of a teenager receiving a massage therapy seldom occurs to adults. Those who give it a thought brush it off quickly for medical reasons or otherwise. So, is it a good idea for a young one to receive a massage therapy? If yes, what’s the appropriate age? The answer is that a massage therapy doesn’t usually have an age limit. But, those under nine or ten naturally have a little less application for a professional massage. Here’s all you need to know on the subject of a young one getting a massage.

Is it a Good Idea?

There’s nothing wrong with a child receiving a massage therapy session. Children live very stressful lives these days with school, sports, extracurriculars, social engagements, play, and peer pressure. And, that’s the reason it’s not a bad idea for a child to receive a massage and blow off some steam. Extensive physical activity takes a toll on their muscles, and a massage therapy helps. As a matter of fact, those enrolled in sports have much to benefit from the occasional massage therapy.

Are there any Benefits?

Yes, there’s always a range of benefits of getting a massage therapy. Most of the benefits of getting a massage are common between children and adults. Here are the benefits of getting a massage therapy:

1) We have already addressed the stress experienced by children. A gentle massage therapy goes a long way in relieving stress experienced by children

2) A massage therapy improves blood circulation, just as it does for the adults. It is particularly beneficial for growing muscles, such as those of children

3) A massage therapy brings improved circulation in the lymphatic system and that does wonders to the greater immune system of the children

4) A massage therapy helps improve sleep, and that’s universally true for children and adults alike

Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, there’s more you should know about your young one getting a massage therapy. A massage therapy isn’t a good idea if your child has the following conditions:

1) Swelling

2) Fever

3) Diabetes

4) Skin conditions

For extra certainty, it’s advisable that you consult your family doctor to know more about any harmful complications. Furthermore, you should also know that a growing body doesn’t need the extensive forty-five-minute session of a massage therapy like adults do, as that becomes excessive for growing muscles. A fifteen or twenty-minute session should suffice.

As you’re the legal guardian of a minor, you will most probably be required to sign the requisite consent form for your child to avail the benefit of a massage therapy. All professional massage therapists might have their own criteria in place and some may not accept minors. You can opt for the in-home massage therapy offered by InHome Physical Therapy and Massage who serve at a range of available locations to rid yourself of the issue of visiting a salon altogether.