Massage Therapist Calgary: How To Massage A Baby

Massage Therapist Calgary: How To Massage A Baby

Massage Therapist Calgary

Massage is a relaxation therapy which is loved by all. It not only relaxes you but also soothes your sore muscles and release your anxiety. So why only restrict it for yourself as a postnatal massage therapy? Infants and babies should also get massages. According to a massage therapist in Calgary, giving massages to your baby not only relieves their stress and anxiety but also strengthens their muscles. The thing to keep in mind though is to use the correct technique of massage so that you do not end up hurting your baby. To help you do it the correct way, here are some tips to massage your baby.

The Provisions for a Good Baby Massage

Before you settle down to give a soothing massage to your little one, make sure you have all the supplies at hand. The purpose of keeping everything ready is not just for convenience. When you, again and again, interrupt your session to go and get something, the massage loses its continuity and the effect could be less relaxing for the baby. So before you settle down, keep the following supplies ready at hand:

1) A soft blanket

2) Baby Oil/ Olive Oil/Coconut Oil

3) Towels

4) Wipes or tissues

5) A pacifier or a small jingly toy

The Method of a Good Baby Massage

1) First, choose a flat surface where you can comfortably settle with your baby. Make sure the surface is large enough for the baby to roll over. Either choose the floor or a bed and cover the surface with a soft blanket before your place your baby.

2) Calmly settle down your baby on the surface and undress the baby. Now before you start with the massage, ask for the baby’s permission and wiggle your fingers in front of them. This is something professional massage therapist suggest so that the baby becomes prepared for a massage.

3) Now gently start the massage by rubbing your oily palms on the baby’s forehead. Always remember to go from up to down. In slow movements, massage the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and then move towards the neck.

4) Now make your baby lie down on the tummy and massage the back of the neck. Slowly move towards the shoulders, arms and back. Make sure to keep oiling your palms for a smooth massage. Also, if your baby is not able to lie down in the belly, make your baby sit by providing support and then massage the back.

5) Now turn your baby and massage the chest and belly area. Make small circles on the whole surface and do not exert extreme pressure.

6) Now move to the legs by slowly massaging them from top to the bottom of the feet. Finish off by making small circles on the bottom of the feet with your thumbs.

When giving your baby a massage, do keep a track of their eating and sleeping pattern so that the same is not disrupted. Also, do not time yourself and let both, the baby and you enjoy the massage. If you still feel that you may not be able to give a relaxing massage to your baby, do not hesitate to take help from a professional massage therapist in Calgary.