Occupational Hazards and Massage Therapy

Occupational Hazards and Massage Therapy

Occupational hazards are hazards experienced at a workplace. Long working hours can take a toll on your physical, as well as mental health. Be it an off-site job or a desk job, body pain and fatigue is a common among working people. So, to get relief from mental and physical exhaustion, most of us prefer sleeping and pain killers as a solution. But, these preventive measures are not enough to mitigate the adverse effects of working for long hours in a workplace.
Massage therapy is one viable way to relieve yourself from the mental and physical stress caused to you by tiring working hours. The effects of massage therapy are not limited to relaxing the muscles and bones of the body, but a massage also eases stress.
In this article, we’ll primarily focus on how massage therapy can benefit psychological and physical occupational hazards.
Psychological occupational hazards and massage therapy
Psychological hazards in a workplace such as the the pressure resulting from the demands at job, interpersonal conflicts, life and career change, or organizational leadership can cause an imbalance in mental stability. Prolonged exposure to such issues can cause fatigue and exhaustion that can take a massive toll on your work and most importantly on your health. Stress leads to negative changes in behavior, mood, and body. These changes cause various health issues and leads to an  increased risks of heart attack, high blood pressure, frequent headaches, anxiety, restlessness, and anger outbursts.

Massage therapy stimulates the release of a feel-good hormone called endorphins that help in lowering the blood pressure, cortisol, and helps manage the heart rate. Also, it stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, which induces a feeling of calmness that helps in tackling chronic stress. Adding massage therapy into your routine will make you look good, feel healthy, and ensure overall well being of your body.

Physical occupational hazards and massage therapy

Physical hazards in a workplace include harm caused to the body due to pressure, radiation, noise, and temperature. However physical hazards are not limited to these issues only. Injuries due to slips, trips, and falls in field jobs are counted among physical hazards in a workplace. Also, back pain, frozen shoulder, tired eyes, muscle tightness in hand and legs, and neck tension are some of the common physical issues of a working professional. Massage therapy can help in relieving muscle tightness in the back, neck, arms, and legs, and also increase the blood circulation in the body.  
Massage therapy for psychological and physical occupational hazards

Various massage therapy styles like Swedish massage therapy, neuromuscular massage therapy, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu and Thai massage are available for relieving muscle tension and mental stress. These types of massages result in a relaxed, as well as an energized body. And, it is also beneficial for faster recovery from injuries to the joints and bones.
If you have been experiencing emotional or physical stress at your workplace, then massage therapy is the solution for you. Contact InHome Physical Therapy and Massage to book an appointment now.