Paediatric Physiotherapy 101

Paediatric Physiotherapy 101

Paediatric physiotherapy or child physiotherapy is an especially designed treatment meant to aid those infants and children and even adolescents that have developmental, congenital, neuromuscular, skeletal or acquired disorders or diseases. The therapists that conduct this child physiotherapy are aware of the delicate nature of an underdeveloped human body and are well-versed with the several exercises that are designed to help the children with their disorders.

Who Needs this?
Child physiotherapy is primarily recommended for children that have difficulty with mobility. This difficulty in mobility is of such a nature that it affects their day-to-day life. Many even have difficulties in having a normal childhood. Here are the examples of those that might especially need it.

  • The children that experience muscle coordination concerns 
  • Children with muscle Diseases
  • Those with orthopaedic disabilities
  • The ones that suffer from heart and lung diseases
  • Those with birth defects (such as Spina Bifida)
  • The children that suffer with Limb deficiencies
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • The children that have suffered a delay in the development

Why do they need Child Physiotherapy?
Mobility, and cognitive and motor development is an essential part of childhood, it is the foundation for a long, healthy and sustainable life. Here are the benefits child physiotherapy provides-

  • It helps with repair of soft tissue lesions
  • Child physiotherapy helps increase coordination
  • It decreases muscle spasm and spasticity
  • Helps perform day-to-day activities such as playing and moving about
  • Child physiotherapy helps to increase and maintain strength and endurance
  • Paediatric physiotherapy helps relieve stress
  • It helps prevent contracture and deformity of limbs
  • Child physiotherapy helps with long-term mobility

What Happens in Child physiotherapy?
Since the major goal of child physiotherapy is the improvement in mobility and muscular movement, it is natural that the physiotherapy would include physical exercises designed accordingly.

  • Activities aimed at improving balancing and coordination
  • Activities that encourage leisure and play
  • Help with practice of mobility skills and functional development
  • Exercises designed in order to facilitate developmental activities such as walking and crawling
  • Exercises aimed at gaining strength, endurance and joint mobility
  • Aquatic therapy

Paediatric physiotherapy is absolutely crucial if your child is suffering from any of the above conditions or deficiencies. 
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