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Physical therapy can help strengthen your knees

Physical therapy can help strengthen your knees

Current lifestyle habits, old age, diseases and injuries take a toll on our knees and cause varying levels of knee pain. Knee pain can restrict movement, affect muscle control, and reduce the strength and endurance of the muscles supporting the knee. Treatment for knee pain is available in various forms such as surgery, medication and physical therapy. Calgary physiotherapy proves to be an effective solution to knee pain as surgery and medication have limited effects.
What does physiotherapy do?Physical therapy consists of various exercises designed to alleviate knee pain and enhance physical movement. Edmonton physiotherapy works in three ways:

  • Stretches the muscles that support your knees: Stretching the muscles that support your knees is the best way to maintain knee mobility and flexibility. Edmonton physiotherapy strengthens the muscles that support the knee such as hamstrings, hip adductors and gluteus maximus by stretching them and enhancing endurance of these muscles. These muscles, when regularly stretched, help the knee absorb shocks efficiently and reduce the damage to the knees.
  • Helps tone core muscles: Altered posture and hampered spine position can cause inward shifting of the leg bones and cause knee pain. Toning and maintaining your core muscles helps to retain the spinal position and ensure the posture is unhindered.
  • Strengthens glute muscles: Weak glute muscles are the leading cause of ligament tears and knee injuries all over the world. These tears are linked to causing arthritis and other diseases that inhibit knee motion later in life. Edmonton physiotherapy eliminates the risk of ligament tears by strengthening these muscles and preventing injuries and damage to the knee.

How to benefit from physiotherapy for knee pain?If you have an injury or a disease which causes knee pain such as osteoarthritis, Calgary physiotherapy can help you get back on your feet without experiencing the acute pain that such conditions cause. A trained physiotherapist will perform an initial assessment to determine whether you have pain or discomfort with bending your knee, tenderness at the knee joint, limited motion of the knee, weakness in the muscle supporting your knee, difficulty putting weight on your knee while walking or standing. If you experience any of the following, the physiotherapist will pay special attention to your exercise regimen using Edmonton physiotherapy techniques.
Following your physical assessment, the physiotherapist will develop a suitable physiotherapy regimen for you. Edmonton physiotherapy exercises will be catered to reducing your knee pain without inflicting more pain to your injury. An appropriate exercise regime will take into consideration your physical activity levels, injury, the degree of pain, intensity of exercise required, type and duration for which exercise is to be performed to maximum benefit to the knee.
Before you consult a physiotherapist for your knee pain, make sure you check their certifications and credentials as physical therapy should be performed only under the supervision of highly qualified and trained physiotherapists. Physical therapy Edmonton services can help reduce your knee pain and improve the overall health of your knees. Avail of Calgary physiotherapy services or Edmonton physiotherapy services depending on where you live and your physical therapy needs.