Physical Therapy Can Help You Gain Weight 

Physical Therapy Can Help You Gain Weight 

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Did you know that you can gain weight by using physical therapy? Yes, ‘gain’ weight and not lose weight. Physical therapy or exercise therapy is not just for weight loss. With the right regime and proper diet, you can gain muscle mass with physical therapy and increase your weight. Whether you are a skinny person trying to gain muscle mass with physical therapy or a regular sized person trying to convert fat to muscle mass, physical therapy can benefit you in more ways than one. Goodbye, chopstick arms and chicken legs.

Physical therapy for weight training
Physical therapy consists of a wide range of exercises developed to fulfill different physical functions such as increasing core muscle strength, building muscle mass, improve flexibility and agility, and weight training.

Weight training includes exercises which are incredibly effective for building muscle mass. It does not harm the joints and allow the body to have a natural approach towards weight gain.

Using physical therapy for weight training is suitable for those looking to gain weight organically without any rush. Physical therapy will help you gain muscle mass using specifically tailored exercises aimed at increasing body muscles mass. Skilled physical therapists can help you develop a weight training regime suitable for your body and its needs.

5 ways to boost weight gain

  • Increase your calorie consumption by 500-600 calories as compared to the number of calories you consume currently. Keep a daily track of the calories consumed and note down the increase in weight gain.
  • Load up on proteins. Proteins are absolutely essential in building muscle mass and your body needs to have an ample supply of protein-rich foods and supplements to gain muscle mass with physical therapy and other exercises.
  • Drink 2 liters of water or more. Water is crucial in helping you gain muscle mass with physical therapy and physical therapy will not show effects if adequate water is not consumed.
  • Sleep for 8 hours every day. Sleep is necessary for the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. So if you want to see results of physical therapy for weight training, sleep for 8 hours.
  • Consume good fats. Include nuts in your diet which are rich in healthy omega-3 fats and cut down on junk. Eating fats does not mean junk food. Eating junk food will slow down your weight gain process and give you unhealthy body fat.

Physical therapy can help you weight train and achieve your ideal weight the natural way. You do not need to take medications to increase your muscles mass. Regular physical therapy under the supervision of a well-qualified physical therapist is all you need to gain muscle mass and be fit. You can even contact in-home physical therapy specialists to conduct your weight training at home by booking an appointment online.