Physiotherapy Can Help Lose Weight

Physiotherapy Can Help Lose Weight

Any adult with a BMI over 30 is considered obese. With the highest obesity percentages appearing in aged populations, obesity is has become a cause of concern for senior citizens of Canada. Apart from reducing the quality of life, obesity also brings the onset of osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and early mortality. The aging must start becoming more conscious of their weight.

Physiotherapy has always regarded the problem of obesity with seriousness. Although not directly aimed at weight loss, physiotherapy exercises can help a person lose considerable weight. These are some of the benefits of a personal fitness program, guided by a physiotherapist.

Dealing with the mentality of a obese patient
The negativity surrounding obesity has demotivated adults to the point of hopelessness. These people want to lose weight but they continue with their sedentary lifestyles. A physiotherapist points out this discrepancy in their goals. The address the patient’s deepest fears regarding obesity and prepare a weight loss program suited for them.

Losing weight one step at a time
Procedures to accelerate weight loss such as liposuction and bariatric surgery do more harm than good. These ‘quick’ weight loss procedures can have serious side effect. The patient may require extensive plastic surgery and physical therapy once the procedure is complete. Complication in these procedures in severe cases can cause death.

Physiotherapy respects the natural processes in the body. A physiotherapist works to enhance the body’s functioning and reduce weight naturally. His treatment leaves the patient in a better physical condition.

How physiotherapy helps
Physiotherapy has a lot to offer for the treatment of obesity. It ranges from general full body exercises to more subtle skills that physiotherapists are trained in. They not only assist in weight loss but also improve the overall well being of the patient.

Physical exercise
The training regimen involved in physiotherapy is not intensive as other weight training programs. Thus, it is beneficial for the treatment of obesity even in adults. The physiotherapist will take the patient through basic stretching exercises to more complicated muscle strengthening exercises. Beside weight loss this training will also help the patient carry his weight.

The physiotherapist can make use of your backyard pool to help with weight loss. The buoyancy of the water resists the pull of gravity thus making it easier to exercise. Hydro resistance training can help the aged deal with osteoarthritis.

Massage therapy
The physiotherapist is well trained in therapeutic massaging techniques. Massage therapy helps with weight loss by improving the body’s metabolism.

Yoga therapy
Yoga therapy is where the physiotherapist employs special breathing techniques and postural movements that increase the body’s metabolism. This therapy has a host of other benefits apart from assisting in weight loss.

Physiotherapy focuses of returning the body to a healthy condition naturally and safely. You can lead a longer and healthier life by taking positive steps towards weight loss. Physiotherapy offers you an alternative from opting for intensive diet plans and strenuous training programs. Get in touch with physical therapy Edmonton and their professional physiotherapists.