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Physiotherapy For Development Delay

Physiotherapy For Development Delay

Developmental paediatrics is concerned with the way children grow and mature from birth to adulthood. Physiotherapy has a completely different approach when dealing with a disorder as this, which requires patience, know-how about the physical and mental development in kids. Different treatment plans work for different children, as they have distinct developmental delay problems.

It is difficult to comprehend that your child is unable to develop normal coordination skills. Also, it becomes all the more daunting when you realise that your child is unable to develop essential learning skills as well. There can be many different causes of developmental delay such as genetic problems, problems during pregnancy of birth, and problems during early infancy or childhood such as infection or head injury.

Development delay can affect behavior, physical abilities, speech, vision, and hearing. Some common signs include:

  • Small or deformed ears, does not startle to loud noise or respond to when called
  • Difficulty following moving objects, crossed or turned eyes, focussing problems
  • Problems with concentration, gets easily frustrated, reduced eye contact
  • Softly spoken or very loud voice, unable to pronounce words appropriate to their age
  • Slow to achieve milestones, floppy or stiff limbs, clumsiness

Treatment Method:
Physiotherapists are mainly concerned with the development of body postures and large movements (which require gross motor skills). Physiotherapy treatment aims to promote a child’s independence and ability to reach physical milestones. Physiotherapists often use fun games and activities to help promote learning and normal development. Treatment is outlined specific to a child’s needs, age and abilities. They collaborate with parents, teachers and caretakers to help them understand the child’s needs and how they can help promote future independence.

There are various benefits that your child can take away such as:

  • Improved independence in activities of daily living
  • Achievement of physical milestones such as sitting, standing and crawling
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved posture, muscle strength, balance and coordination

​When a child is diagnosed with developmental delay disorder the future can look daunting for parents. Our special team of pediatric physiotherapists can provide assessment and treatment for your child to give them the best chance possible to achieve their physical milestones. We provide our services at your doorstep as well, so contact us and book your appointment!