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Physiotherapy for Geriatrics

Physiotherapy for Geriatrics

It is observed that senior citizens often suffer from common medical conditions. Arthritis, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, vision impairment, weak muscles, and mental illness are commonly associated with the elderly. Geriatrics is a branch of medicine that focuses on health care of the elderly.

Geriatric conditions usually include muscoskeletal problems, mental illness, incontinence, and impaired senses, balance problems, chronic pain, and sleep deprivation. Physiotherapy treatments have been successful in resolving or managing each of these ailments. Here’s what physiotherapy has to offer to the field of geriatrics.

Muscoskeletal Disorders
Low bone density, arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle fatigue and related health issues are all major concerns in geriatric medicine. As we get older, these conditions only worsen, resulting in loss of mobility, reduced flexibility, falls, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, insomnia, and paralysis.

Exercise therapy is an excellent way to deal with muscoskeletal problems. Therapy includes strengthening and stretching weak muscles. Initially, the patient performs these exercises under the supervision of the physiotherapist, until she is strong enough to do them on her own.

Hydrotherapy has successfully returned muscle strength in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Mental Illness
A sedentary lifestyle brings the onset of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. There are many studies that have shown physical therapy to keep mental illness at bay. Physiotherapy offers fitness programs that help us be more active in our day to day lives. Other neurological dysfunctions such as Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Delirium, and memory impairment can also be managed with physiotherapy.

Physical therapy exercises help improve bladder and sphincter control. Constipation and incontinence is a big cause of concern for senior citizens. Exercise therapy keeps digestive problems in check.

Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disease
Respiratory problems can leave senior citizens huffing and puffing later in life. Whatever the cause may be, smoking, pollution, bad lifestyle choices, respiratory illness can send us to an early grave. Physiotherapists educate patients suffering from respiratory problems in proper breathing techniques and postures that put less pressure on their lungs.

Exercise therapy also increase blood circulation in our body and helps keep cardiovascular diseases in check.

Community Care
Old age can be a lonely point in one’s life. Studies have proven that loneliness can be attributed to various mental and physical illnesses. Physiotherapy offers community care services. Group therapy sessions are great way for lonely senior citizens to interactive and enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy together!

Physiotherapy Over Geriatric Medicine
Our body is in a delicate stage in our old age. Prescription medication should always be the last resort as geriatric care for the elderly. Physical medicine for geriatric rehabilitation is safer, natural, and less harmful to our body. It improves our overall quality of life.

Some senior citizens may be reluctant to go to rehabilitation centers. That is why physical therapy Edmonton offers mobile therapy sessions in the comforts of your home. Our expert physiotherapists have knowledge of all fields of geriatric health care.