Physiotherapy May Help You Avoid Prescription Drugs

Physiotherapy May Help You Avoid Prescription Drugs


Earlier in 19th century, medical science involved curing diseases through drugs and surgical procedures. Over time, people realized that even though their initial problem was cured, they were still facing troubles in the form of other diseases.

Several studies were conducted, and after a detailed research it was concluded that the newborn problems occurred due to the excessive use of prescribed drugs.

This was when physiotherapy, which was earlier considered as ‘outside the pale of medical science’ gained its recognition. Today, even though science has developed immensely, large sections of the society still prefer consuming medicines over physiotherapy.

Here are some points that explain why prescription drugs are not the best option-

  • Prescribed drugs only solve the problem temporarily

When a disease that involves immense pain attacks our body, we visit the doctor not just to get rid of the pain as soon as possible but to also avoid the disease from recurring.

While prescribed drugs do handle the first condition efficiently, the second part is not given much of importance. For example, if there is a swelling on a joint, an anti-inflammatory pill will effectively reduce the swelling but may not necessarily prevent it from occurring.

  • Side effects

The side effects that a prescribed drug can cause are not new to anyone. Often, the drugs prescribed to relieve pain are more harmful than the actual disease. They can lead to increase in heart, gastrointestinal risks, kidney problems and increase in blood pressure.

These side effects are not only applicable to prescribed drugs but also to over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, Advil and Motrin.

  • Costly

The most common reasons why patients prefer prescribed drugs are the convenience, speed and the relative cost effectiveness.

While some medicines are comparatively cheaper than other form of treatments, what most people fail to understand is that these drugs need to be purchased a number of times to cure diseases temporarily. Thus, patients are expected to conduct consecutive purchases over a period of time. Consequently, the amount spent on other form of treatments and prescribed drugs tend to be on the same level.

This is the case for relatively cheap drugs. Some drugs are expensive by itself and are available only in small quantities. For such drugs, the expense incurred is much higher than any other form of treatments.

  • Addiction

Very often, doctors prescribe drugs for a long period of time. With the daily consumption of these drugs, patients get habituated and develop a certain taste for them. This leads to addiction.

Once a patient gets addicted to certain prescribed drugs, they start misusing it through over consumption. This further leads to other serious problems.

What’s the best alternative to prescribed drugs?

The answer is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a field of science that believes in curing the problem from the root. Thus, when a person opts for physiotherapy, he is not only cured but is also well informed of the underlying source of the pain.

This further helps in improving the posture, motion and functionality of the patient’s body drastically.

Today, with the advancement in the field, physiotherapy can treat nearly any disease ranging from cardiopulmonary conditions to neurological problems. To know more about physical therapy and its advantages over prescribed drugs, visit our expert physiotherapists in Edmonton.