Stay Away From Work Injuries, Stretching Exercises For Office

Stay Away From Work Injuries, Stretching Exercises For Office

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Long works hours of sitting at the work station has made a large number of office goers into work potatoes. It is common scenario for individuals even in their early twenties to compliant about back, neck, shoulder or wrist issues, all of which stem from workspace injuries. These injuries can be easily avoided if you were to spare time as little as 15 minutes per day and use it to stretch out. So, roll up your sleeves and pin up your hair to beat your office injuries with these simple workspace exercises.

1. The Forward Bend

You can also call it ‘The Grabber’. To perform a forward bend, you have to move your chair away from the desk or change your direction, so that you don’t pass out with a head bump. Once you have ample room, move your hands over your head and clasp them together while both your feet remain firmly on the ground. Move your hands down slowly without bending while your back arches. Keep on moving till your chin rests on your thighs. Hold the position for 2 seconds and then return to starting stance.

2. Lower Back Stretch

The lower back stretch is very crucial for pain relief and working the most neglected region. To stretch your lower back, all you have to do is to be seated in a normal position and pull your knee towards your chest. Use both your hands for grabbing the knee while your spine maintains an upright position.

3. Shrugs

You wouldn’t find a simpler exercise to work those shoulders and collar pains. All you need to do is shrug! Raise both your shoulders upwards and try to reach for your earlobes. Hold that position for about 2 seconds and repeat in sets.

4. Neck Stretch

Another way to work those neck muscles is by turning your head side-to-side. The side-to-stretch can be done in two ways. First is to move it in side to side while keeping your head straight or you could also do it by tilting your head towards both sides. The neck stretch can be easily performed during your short work breaks.

5. Back Side-to-side Stretch

A comprehensive stretch for your back, the side-to-side stretch will need you to leave your cozy seat for a few minutes. While standing up, move your hands and place them over your head. Now, start slowly bending side to side while pausing when you reach neutral position. Make sure you do it slowly in the beginning or you might start feeling dizzy. You could do this during your toilet break.

6. Spinal Twist

Who doesn’t like the twist? It is similar to the classic dance move. Stay seated in your chair with your feet on the ground. Now, move your body (waist upwards) to the side while your feet still remain in neutral position. It’s okay if your spine makes popping noises. Repeat this for the other side and you can also have a good view of your neighbor’s cubicle.

7. Leg Stretch

To avoid getting those pins and needles in your legs, keep on stretching them from time to time. To perform leg stretches, you need to ensure that you have enough legroom and then move your legs, together, in an upward motion, till you feel a stretch in the dorsal region of your legs. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times a day.

What keeps most people from exercising is shyness of performing amongst people. Don’t shy away from good health. A recent study has proven that exercising can reduce your pain by up to 72%, so get to it!