4 Pre-Running Stretches To Ensure You Make The Miles

4 Pre-Running Stretches To Ensure You Make The Miles

Whether it’s jogging a couple of miles around the block or completing a long marathon, running with muscles not stretched properly can cause issues like sprain and muscle tension which may keep you off the road for a long time.
A dynamic, pre-running warm-up routine not only lets you avoid these problems but can also help you perform better. Stretching also keeps your muscles flexible and healthy which lets you maintain a proper motion and function while running. Here are a few stretching exercising before running that will help you get stronger, fitter and faster: 

Walking Lunges
Walking stretches are the easiest types of stretches that every runner can perform. They not only loosen up the muscles in your quads and hip but also stimulate the forward motion that is required for running. 

  • Stand with your feet together
  • Take a long step forward with your right leg
  • Now, bend your right knee to an angle of ninety degrees and touch your right leg to the floor
  • Straighten the back of your leg in order to feel a stretch in your left thigh
  • Once done, rise up and take a step forward with your left leg
  • Repeat the procedure 10-15 times

If you have a knee condition, visit a PT  before performing this stretch to ensure a pain-free stretching experience. 

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
When you sit and work all day, your hip flexor can become tight due to a lack of constant flexion. This simply adds to the reason why you should be doing the hip flexor stretch before running. 

  • Lunge your front knee forward to an angle of ninety degrees
  • Straighten the back of your knee in order to feel a stretch
  • Keep your front knee aligned to your toes
  • Now, raise your arms over your head for five seconds and release. Shift forward as you bring your arms up and then lower your arms and move back to the starting position
  • Repeat the procedure for 5-10 times


Quadriceps, popularly also known as quads stretch the front and sides of your thighs. Stretching your quads is important if you are planning your run, especially down the hills. If you do not stretch your quads, then it may lead to constant knee and back pain or result in an injury.

  • Stand straight and pull your leg behind you with the corresponding hand. For instance, if you are pulling your right leg behind, then use your right hand to pull it. 
  • Pull your shins towards your thigh.
  • While doing this stretch, point your knee downwards so as to protect your knee joints.
  • Hold on for at least thirty seconds.
  • Once done, switch the sides and repeat the stretch at least 10-15 times.
    Hamstring Sweep 

Hamstring sweep is vital for all those who suffer from tightness in their hamstring muscles. This stretch releases tension in your knee and improves your hip extension. 

  • Taking a step ahead, keep your heels firm on the ground.
  • Now, straighten the front leg and bend down your back leg towards the ground.
  • Once your front leg is straight, sweep down with your hands towards the ground.
  • Once done, come back to the starting position and switch sides.  
  • Repeat the process at least 10-20 times.

If you have any difficulty while doing this exercise, then try exercise training with a trained physiotherapist which not only boosts your energy but also improves your balance. 
Try these stretching exercises before running and see yourself running an extra mile than usual. If you experience any kind of pain while doing so, our physiotherapists are always at your service.