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 7 Surprising Back Pain Causes

 7 Surprising Back Pain Causes

Many people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can occur due to several reasons and not necessarily due to some serious health issues or injuries. Your sleeping position could be your back’s enemy, or your mattress or it could be even your favorite pair of shoes.

If you suffer from back pain due to some sort of injury, then you should visit a doctor or a physiotherapist. And then make sure that you do not let your everyday habits ruin your back again!

Here are some crucial things to make note of in your everyday activities that cause back pain:

Stress and Depression:
Any type of stress can contribute to back pain and make it worse. It could either be physical and emotional stress, or perhaps good stress such as winning a lottery or getting married. When you’re stressed out, your whole body is also stressed out, including the muscles in your neck and back, which contract and clench up.

Depression has always been known to aggravate back pain symptoms. If you are already suffering from back pain and also flooded with emotions at the same time, then your pain will be worse. If exercise doesn’t help you release stress, then you should consult your physiotherapist or doctor to know about other approaches.

Sitting All Day Long:
For all those who are clinging to desk jobs, this is not a good news. Sitting all day may feel nice, but not maintaining a proper posture while sitting may lead to back pain causing your back muscles to weaken because of inactivity. Sitting puts 40 percent more pressure on your spine than standing does.

Poor Posture:
Slumped shoulders also contribute to back pain. Leaning your head forward or slumping your shoulders can pull on your back and causes pain. You should make a conscious effort all day long to maintain good posture to ease or help prevent back pain. You ears should be over your shoulders, your shoulders should be over your hip joints and hip joints should be over your ankles.

Lack of Exercise:
A diet enriched with fats and overloaded with calories may lead to weight gain. Moreover, being sedentary without sufficient exercise sums up gaining that extra weight. Exercise gives your muscles a definite tone by making it strong and gives your back the needed support keeping it pain-free. Therefore, keeping your back strong and tight with exercise will help you avoid back pain.

Old Mattress:
To avoid back pain, there shouldn’t be air between your body and your mattress when you lie down. Therefore, experts suggest you should go with a mattress that has medium fitness to avoid back pain symptoms. The age of your mattress is quite crucial. You shouldn’t sink in your mattress when you lie down.

Pair of shoes:
Sandals without a supportive back can do damage, causing your feet to move from side to side and distributing your body weight unevenly. Flats can also be bad for you, depending on your foot type. Heels that are too high for you will force you to arch your back stressing your joints.

Smoking Cigarettes:
Cigarettes harm more than just your heart and lungs. It deprives cells all over your body of oxygen, including those that control the motion of your back. It is recorded that smokers are more prone to develop lower back pain that those who have never smoked.

We all suffer from back pain at least once in our life-time. Maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy lifestyle can help you take care of it and prevent it from happening again.