The Healing Benefits of Physical Therapy

The Healing Benefits of Physical Therapy

The Healing Benefits of Physical Therapy

There are vast applications of physical therapy in the treatment of medical conditions. It is also a great alternative to surgery that may have complications and leave a patient in recovery longer. The healing benefits of physical therapy are as follows.

For Pain Reduction and Elimination
Pain can be debilitating in the recovery process of a patient, with severe injury. Medical conditions such as arthritis, muscoskeletal disorders, and muscle tears cause intense pain. Pain can leave a person in cold sweat, disoriented, prone to falls, and sleep deprived.

Physical therapy helps patients deal with all kinds of pain. RICE treatments are most common. However, modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold, and heat are also used. TENS units are used to send electrical impulses to the nerves to increase the pain threshold. These treatments help mitigate pain or completely erase the pain.

Recovery From Muscoskeletal Conditions

Muscle and bone related disorders and injuries are the most commonly dealt with problems, in the field of physiotherapy. The physiotherapist deal with fractures, tears, sprains, strains, and pulls every single day. The best recovery methods for these conditions have been thoroughly researched in this field. Injuries that require months of bed rest from the patient, for full recovery, takes only weeks through physiotherapy.

Depression and Other Mental Illness
Physical therapy has had some success in the field of neuropathy and the treatment of mental disorders. Depression, anxiety attacks, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and stress related disorders can be moderated by physical exercise. The therapeutic benefits of the fitness regimen prescribed by a physical therapist, for the treatment of these disorders have been amazing! Patients not only show improvement in their mental states but also lead happier and healthier lives.

How Does Physical Therapy Accomplish This?
Physical therapy doesn’t involve plain and simple exercises that we do in the gym. Their expertise involves a deep understanding of the human musculature and functioning, and how to enhance the recovery capabilities of the body. Thus, they are able to achieve astounding results simply by the use of exercise.

Blood Circulation
A physical therapy regimen boosts the body’s circulation. An increased blood flow has a plethora of healing benefits. The cells of our body receive nutrients on time, damaged cells are quickly replaced with new cells, body temperature is regulated, and fluids are drained.

Mobility, Flexibility, and Therapy
Improving range of motion and flexibility are all part of physiotherapy exercises. This enables a person to move their body better, react to stimulus faster, and avoid bad posture.

Balance and Proprioception
Balance and proprioception is a more specialized branch of physiotherapy. Vestibular rehabilitation is a treatment method for people suffering from balance disorders. Senior citizens and disabled patients, suffering from loss of balance, can make use of physical therapy services to improve balance.

The rehabilitation programs conducted by physiotherapist are not uniform but tailored to suit the patient’s requirements. Learn more about physical therapy rehabilitation programs at physical therapy Edmonton.