Top 8 Solutions That Kinesio Taping Offers

Top 8 Solutions That Kinesio Taping Offers

Injuries caused to the body can be resolved by traditional methods or by the new and emerging alternative methods. A therapy which is fast gaining prominence in resolving muscle injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and inflammatory conditions is Kinesio taping. Kinesio taping has been around for a while, but saw sudden surge in popularity, when it was used during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympics.

Though there have been doubts about the real benefits of Kinesio taping therapy, there are scores of users who have experienced quick recovery from injuries. Here are the top solutions offered by K-tapes:

1.      Strengthening muscles
Injured muscles are weak and cause a restricted range of motion. Injuries can cause restricted movement which interferes in your daily life. This loss of movement can be corrected by strengthening the inured muscles with Kinesio tapes. The taping technique is mostly used to suppress the effects of Soleus and Achilles tendon injuries.

2.      Relieving Pain
The tape is applied from the muscle origin to the point of insertion, relieving pain both through physical and neurological mechanisms. The tape can stretch 130-140 percent of its length causing a lifting action, relieving pressure off the pain receptors directly under the skin. Thus, kinesio tapes are widely used for relief from acute pain caused by injuries.

3.      Quick muscle recovery
The taping technique offers speedy muscle recovery by improving fluid circulation to the injured muscle. The tape has been especially made keeping in mind the limitations of other adhesive tapes which were used before. Free movement of bodily fluids facilitated by these specially designed Kinesio tapes speeds up the healing process.

4.      Muscle pull
K-tapes are applied to pull injuries in a stretched form creating a pressure in the direction of the stretch. The tape lifts off the skin which relieves pressure off the nociceptors and stimulates mechanoreceptors which improves overall joint prorioception (awareness of movement).

5.      Reduction in swelling and inflammation
Reduction of swelling and inflammation in bruised body parts is achieved by application of the tapes which relieve pressure off the lymphatic drainage channels responsible for removal of fluids and other waste products collected in the injured area. The inflammatory conditions like swelling in a body part can be treated with k-tapes.

6.      Support for injured body part
Injured body parts are affected by the restricted motion caused by the injury. Applying k-tapes to these injuries makes the body aware of the underlying injury whenever you indulge in an activity. Also, the tape provides support to injured body parts by preventing overstretching which might aggravate the injury.

7.       Spasm prevention and relief
Spasms are caused by the insufficiency of electrolytes and hydration in muscles. K-tapes facilitate delivery of these nutrients at the cellular level and removal of other fluids and other waste products collected in the area. These functions performed by taping prevent spasms in overused muscles.

8.      Flexibility while being injured
This is the most beneficial solution provided by k-tapes to athletes and individuals who lead a very active lifestyle. The taping is made of a material that mimics the skin thus it allows the patient a good range of motion while being treated for the injury. Several athletes world over can be seen wearing these tapes while they perform, proving the flexibility factor.

If you are suffering from an injury or want to prevent one while playing a sport, Kinesio taping might be the best thing for you.