Types of Physical Therapy Exercises

Types of Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical Therapy Exercises

A lot of people visit a physical therapist because they are experiencing some pain or difficulty to maintain the standard functionality of the daily routine. Physical therapy is a transformative therapy. The best physiotherapy service can ease your pain and help you with your muscle movements; leading to a comfortable lifestyle. Your physician may recommend you various types of physical therapy exercises depending on your condition. Here are some common type of physical therapy exercises.

Back Exercises

Back stretching exercise relieves tension and restores the balance between the spine and hip muscles. These exercises help to improve flexibility in key groups. Back exercises focus on strengthening hamstrings and abdominals. It also reduces the strain on the spine and improves its support. The exercise routine strengthens deep muscle layers around the spine.

Lower Back Exercises

Lower back exercises are essential for people suffering from back soreness or stiffness. Back problem occurs when you are tough on muscles while working. These exercises help you to use your muscles safely and effectively. Lower back exercises focus on prevention to any injury in future. It includes gentle spine movement and stretches to relieve stress and discomfort from the spine.

Knee Exercises

Knee exercises include a range of motion exercises for muscles. These exercises help in the movement of joints and ligaments near the knee area. These exercises prepare you to better manage your daily functions like squatting, climbing stairs, etc. The exercise routine teaches to have a better balance. It uses muscles to be steadier and sturdier.

Shoulder Exercises

A stiff shoulder can be an obstacle for your daily functions of living. Shoulder exercises provide an excellent option for the muscles to smooth off and can be manageable. These exercises include isometric, active and resistance band exercises. It helps to build the basic strength in your shoulders. The exercise routine merged with shoulder stretching exercises can improve flexibility in the shoulder area. These exercises are convenient and can be done at your desk as well.

Core Strength Exercises

Core strength exercises grow strength in crucial muscles like core muscles, back muscles, and muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles help to do many physical activities. It improves the endurance of core muscles in the long run.

Balance Exercises

Maintaining balance is essential to do basic tasks like standing, walking, and running. A physical therapist helps to restore mobility after a surgery or injury. These exercises help to effectively improve your balance by creating situations similar to your daily activities. Be careful; do not compromise your safety while exercising. It is important that you check in with your physical therapist to prepare your exercise chart.

Guidance by a certified professional, physical therapy would be more effective for you. Seek the best physiotherapy from a certified treatment and massage center. InHome Physical Therapy provides one of the best physiotherapy services across Canada.