What is Mobile Physical Therapy? How will it benefit you?

What is Mobile Physical Therapy? How will it benefit you?

Mobile Physical Therapy

Mobile physical therapy allows patients to receive professional physical, occupational or speech therapy and rehabilitation services in their homes, offices long-term or assisted living facilities. HCR Solutions offers this to patients who are unable to get to their clinics or hospitals, however, there is usually no ‘homebound’ criteria that must be met in order to avail this service. HCR Solutions has been offering in-home physical therapy for their clients since 2006, giving their patients this convenience if they wish that the treatments be conducted in the comfort, privacy and safety of their homes.

Mobile physical therapy is no different than any other form of physical therapy, except that it takes place in a convenient and comfortable location. HCR Solutions has portable equipment and tables that can be easily accommodated in your home so that you can enjoy the same quality of treatment as in a highly specialized clinic.

What benefits can you get from Mobile Physical Therapy?

1. Mobile physical therapy ensures that you receive treatment in the comforts of your own home. Research has proven that therapy within the home environment is really effective. You not only feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, but you also enjoy the safety and privacy of your home. This is especially beneficial if you have transportation issues. Even without that, it saves you time and trouble in commuting.

2. Evaluations and treatments are provided by an experienced and licensed physical therapist with the assistance of a Kinesiologist in most cases. This one on one type of interaction between the client and the therapist helps you to convey your problems and doubts clearly, and for the therapist to better explain your problem and the rehabilitation program to you. Mobile physical therapy programs become more individualized to the client and to their particular needs and goals.

3. It also helps the therapist to visit your home and assess the environment you spend the most part of your time in. There are a lot of habits in our daily life that may aggravate the problem we suffer from, yet you are unaware or think them to be too insignificant to mention during your sessions with the doctor. Your therapist can watch you in your natural surrounding and suggest some changes to be made in them so that it helps your problem. For example, if you have an uncomfortable chair or hard cushions, the therapist may suggest you change that furniture or avoid using it frequently to help with your back pain or posture.

4. In certain physical therapy treatments, such as pediatric therapy, the home environment plays a crucial part in treatment. Therapists often need to involve the family and the surroundings to help with the treatment.  They also need to observe the effect of the surrounding on the client in order to make an effective diagnosis and suggest future therapy.