Why Is Physical Therapy So Important?

Why Is Physical Therapy So Important?

Physical Therapy

Why is physical therapy so important? The simple answer is that physical therapy has brought a huge impact on people’s lives. If you have experienced any injury related to sports or work then physical therapy is vital for your recovery and pain management. Physical therapy has improved the quality of life for people of all ages. Let’s explore the seven ways that physical therapy will benefit you.

Maximizes Your Movement

A physical therapist is a movement expert. They identify, diagnose and treat movement problems. After a serious injury, it can be hard for patients to move. Accomplishing simple activities can be challenging, and patients may feel restricted mobility in their bodies. Physical therapy comes in handy to restore mobility. Learn more about movement exercises here.

Manages Your Pain

Physical therapy techniques mobilize your joints and soft tissues. Instead of depending on pain medications, physical therapy is a much better option. The treatment restores muscle and joint functions by elimination or reduction of pain. It helps to fix the root of the problem and preventing future injuries and pain.

Prevents Your Injuries

Physical therapy quickens the healing process during an injury. It also helps the patient recover post-injury. It involves assessing the weak areas in your body. A physical therapist can analyze the injured regions. The therapist then creates the prescribed course of exercise that targets and strengthens the weak muscles and joints. The exercise regimen helps to prevent future injuries.

Manages Age Issues

As you age, you may develop various physical ailments like arthritis or osteoporosis. You may also get a joint replacement. Physical therapy can help you manage arthritis and osteoporosis. Physical therapy may also help you to negate the problems and recover swiftly after the joint replacement.

Manages Health Conditions

Physical therapy is also useful in recovery after critical health conditions. The therapy may help the patient after a heart attack. It helps to quickly rehabilitate important organs like heart and lungs. Physical therapy ensures that you get back to your usual daily routine as soon as possible. A registered physical therapist is required for the overall rehabilitation process.

Benefits Post Surgery Patients

Physical therapy can bring progress towards the recovery of a post surgery patient. It can also prevent you from having surgery. Common benefits that the physical therapy may provide you to recover faster are:

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Restores movement
  • Builds mobility
  • Reduces pain
  • Eases swelling
  • Helps you recover quickly

Benefits Athletes

Physical therapy can benefit an injured athlete or one carrying an existing injury. It helps the athletes with movement and builds endurance towards the injury. Competitive athletes can also benefit from physical therapy. The benefits may include- increase in flexibility, improvement in blood circulation, and strengthening of muscles. The therapy can help improve the performance of the athletes.

Physical therapy benefits people from all walks of life. It includes people right from the athletes and patients suffering from a range of health issues. Doctors routinely refer patients to see physical therapists because they know what physical therapy can do for you. Now that you know that physical therapy is essential, you may book an appointment with our experienced therapists at InHome Physical Therapy. We have clinics in Edmonton, Halifax and Calgary.