Why Should You Opt for Physiotherapy for Muscular Sclerosis?

Why Should You Opt for Physiotherapy for Muscular Sclerosis?

Muscular Sclerosis is a potentially severe disease which has the capacity to paralyze your limbs, as it affects the central nervous system. Those who are affected by muscular sclerosis often lose control over their basic bodily functions such as muscle control, the ability to balance themselves and face vision problems. Additional symptoms include fatigue, numbness, deterioration of the bladder, and depression.  

How does this happen? Muscular sclerosis can happen when your immune system attacks a fatty, layer in your body named as myelin. Myelin is responsible for protecting our nerve fibers, and without its protection the nerves eventually get damaged. This damage affects the brain significantly and the signals it sends to the other parts of the body. There is no direct cure for the disease yet, but it has been established that physiotherapy for muscular sclerosis has the capacity to help in dealing with the symptoms. Read on to learn more:

The first visit to the physiotherapist helps the expert determine the severity of your condition. Considering that muscular sclerosis is a condition with several variables, the disease affects each patient in a unique manner. The physiotherapist would access the progression of the disease and determine your control over your balance, your flexibility levels, strength, posture, reflexes, and coordination. This thorough evaluation allows the physiotherapist to design a set of exercises specific to your condition, a treatment plan which suits you and the set of goals pertaining to your recovery.

The Exercise Plan
Fatigue is the primary result of this disability and physiotherapists understand this. Hence, a physiotherapy for muscular sclerosis plan includes an elaborate and balanced exercise routine which helps in dealing with fatigue. The exercises are designed in such a manner that your upper body functions show gradual improvement eventually. Your hands and arm would regain some of their lost strength and coordination. This plan will help also you return to your daily routine activities gradually.

The Results
If you are regular with the prescribed exercises and the treatment options prescribed by the physiotherapist, your treatment plan can lead to steady improvement in your motor functions and control over your balance and coordination. Certain patients who suffer from spasticity (extreme stiffening of the muscles which hinders movement) also benefit from physiotherapy for muscular sclerosis because of the stretching and range-of-motion enhancing exercises. The elaborate stretching, positioning, and compensatory techniques also result in a steady reduction of the pain arising from muscles and joints.

Muscular sclerosis is a difficult disease to navigate through because of a tremendous variation in symptoms that people experience, and this also renders the ‘one fix for all’ technique counterproductive. This makes it imperative that you seek the services of professional experts to start physiotherapy for muscular sclerosis. InHome Physical Therapy & Massage, with its specialized physical therapy and exercise therapy services, is well equipped to help you recover from what is certainly a tricky disease to deal with.