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Calvin Burkart

Calvin Burkart

Calvin graduated from the Doepfer-Schulen Cologne (Germany) in 2015, earning the right to carry the title “Physiotherapist” in Germany. While working in the field full-time he pursued further education and graduated from Thim van der Laan - University of Applied Sciences for Physiotherapy (The Netherlands) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physiotherapy in 2018. Upon immigrating to Canada in 2019, Calvin is an alumnus of the “Ontario internationally educated Physiotherapy Bridging Program” of the University of Toronto, which he completed in 2020. Calvin has demonstrated a strong interest in the treatment and analysis of walking/running through extensive further education in this particular area. Calvin believes in the empowerment of you as an individual. He takes pride in his approach to providing you with care based on a careful examination and evaluation of contributing factors. His treatments usually begin by informing you of the specific condition/limitation you are experiencing and outlining a treatment plan. These usually include strengthening or mobility exercises, manual therapy and further education. He has an interest in biomechanical/musculoskeletal, chronic pain and neurological conditions. Before moving to Calgary, Calvin lived in multiple different countries including Germany, South Africa and the US. He grew up participating in competitive sports (Soccer and Table tennis) and spent a few years focussing on competitive dancing. He now prefers to stay active through mountain biking, hiking and going to the gym. To maintain a good balance, Calvin enjoys cooking and reading.

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