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December 2015

Removal of mucus from certain parts of the lungs by using gravity and proper positioning to bring the secretions into the throat where it’s easier to remove them, is postural drainage. Segments called ‘lobes’ divide the lungs. Right lung is divided into three lobes (right upper lobe, right middle lobe and right lower lobe), while the left lung has only two lobes (left upper lobe and lower lobe).Postural drainage is one way to help breathing problems due to swelling and too much mucus in the airways of the lungs. With postural drainage, you get into a position that helps drain

Lymphedema is the swelling of limbs, which commonly occurs on the back of hands or legs. It doesn’t usually occur on the face and genitalia. Lymphedema happens due to poor function of lymphatic system or obstruction of lymphatic vessels. When there is an inability to remove lymphatic fluids, due to either genetic insufficiency or damage to the lymphatic system, one suffers from lymphedema.Lymphedema may be diagnosed by a primary care physician, general surgeon and / or vascular surgeon. A physiotherapist who has received specialized training in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema treatment, is the best to be approached if you’re

Scoliosis is medical condition wherein the spine gets curved sideward, resulting in one or even two curves, making the spine appear more like an ‘S’ shape. In some cases, the spine shows a rotation component. This rotation starts when scoliosis becomes more pronounced. This is known as torsion-scoliosis, causing a gibbus. Scoliosis can be present from birth. Such instances are called congenital scoliosis.Other types of scoliosis can be developed during growth, and the causes for this are yet to be found.Types of Scoliosis: Structural (Idiopathic) Scoliosis: Idiopathic scoliosis has genetic roots. A family history of scoliosis, particularly along the female side can

Hemiplegia is paralysis of one side of the body, either left or right. It’s a common side effect of stroke or cerebrovascular accident. Hemiplegia usually impacts children, however it’s a lifelong condition and so it also affects adults. Physiotherapy provides service and information for adults with hemiplegia and also gives a general idea of hemiplegia and its effects.Hemiplegia is caused by injury to parts of the brain that control movements of the limbs, trunk, face, etc. This condition can occur before, during or soon after birth (within 2 years), such a condition is called ‘congenital hemiplegia’. It can also happen

                                                                                    Source:​We have all experienced involuntary muscle contractions and spasms. Some people get them right before they sleep, some people get them during sleep, and sometimes it just happens. Dystonia however, is a medical term used to describe a range of movement disorder in which an individual may have involuntary muscle contractions or spasms, which may either be sustained and