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July 2016

Rehabilitation from ankle impingement usually begins with stretching exercises and range of motion exercises. Most of the symptoms exhibiting impingement can be solved with physical therapy. Some of the exercises for ankle impingement are as follows: Gastrocsoleus stretching To do this exercise, face a wall and place your hands on the wall. Now extend the injured leg and place a cloth under the arch of the foot for support. Keep the front part of the knee slightly bent. Now, gently point the toes inward on the back foot. Keep the injured heel on the floor with the knee straight, shift the body weight

Depression, a highly prevalent mental disorder, is generally treated using anti-depressants and physiological therapy. But did you know that physical therapy can also be used to treat depression? Surprised? Yes, it’s true. Despite depression being primarily a mental health disorder, physical therapy comprising of various exercises can assist in improving the mental health of the affected person. Here’s how to use physical therapy to reduce stress and exercise treatment for depression. How Does Physical Therapy Help Depression? Everyone is aware of the physical benefits of physical therapy as it is utilized for the supplementary treatment of various physical ailments, but the role

Does your back hurt? Do you experience spinal stiffness, particularly during the early morning? Or is it painful to perform spinal joint movement? It is possible that you may be suffering from spondylosis. These are merely symptoms of Spondylosis and therefore, to get a definitive answer it is best you consult a doctor before reaching any conclusions. So if you are suffering from lumbar spondylosis, professionals practising physical therapy in Edmonton would usually follow a structured approach as mentioned below. (It may vary depending on the condition.) Do not worry too much about the issue. Passive treatment Deep tissue massage This technique targets spasms

Does lifting a heavy box of objects take a toll on your back? Does stretching overhead to get something make you feel 10 years older than you are? Does climbing up the stairs make your muscles ache? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need physical therapy and exercise to improve muscle strength and build the agility of your muscles. Here’s how physical therapy can increase muscle strength in legs, arms, back, neck and abdominal muscles. Exercises Tailored to Specific Body Parts Back Exercises A range of back exercises catering to the back, lower back, and shoulders can help in

An injury to the muscles of the inner thigh is a groin strain. The groin muscles are medically known as the "adductor muscle" group. It consists of six muscles that spell the distance from the inner part of the pelvis to the inner part of the thigh bone. The adductor muscles are particularly active during running and kicking. Symptoms of Groin Strain Pain and weakness in the groin region is the main symptom of groin strain. It does affect your ability to change positions and reduces the kicking power. There will be immense pain when you bring your legs together or when