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August 2016

Keeping your muscles healthy is essential to keep degenerative diseases at bay. Whether you are an athlete or just someone who works out regularly, it is crucial for you to learn to keep your muscles healthy. In order to keep your muscular system healthy, here are 4 major tips that you need to follow. Warm up and cool down Before beginning a workout, it is imperative to give your body time to adjust to the increased physical activity levels. A warm up session lasting for at least 15 minutes is necessary to warm up the muscles that will be exercised during the

Abnormal narrowing of the bone channel of the spine is called Spinal Stenosis or lower back stenosis which causes pain and discomfort in the lower back. This narrowing of the bone channel constricts the spinal nerves and vessels which is responsible for the painful condition of the lower back. Playing golf with lower back pain can aggravate the existing pain and worsen the condition, if not done right. Here are a few tips on playing golf with lower back pain. Is playing golf with lower back pain possible? Playing golf with lower back pain is not the best course of action as

As we get older, balance problems begin to occur which can affect walking, standing upright and even sitting. These balance problems can cause difficulty with remaining stable and maintaining an erect posture. If not taken care of and managed properly, balance problems can give rise to more serious physical problems. Balance training for older people is an effective way to manage and combat balance problems. These are some of the problems that can cause balance problems and how to you can deal with them. What causes balance problems? Balance problems are caused by one or more of the following conditions and need

Whether you’re an athlete who regularly practices running or jogging, or an active individual who does a lot of walking, shin pain can happen to you. Shin pain can be an indication of shin splints, the most common running injury. Shin splints from walking are also quite common. If you are experiencing shin pain due to shin splints, do not panic. Before you start to worry about shin splints ending your athletic career or your running passion, here is everything you need to know about shin splints. What are shin splints? Shin splints are a form of tendonitis which stems from tired