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4 Tips To Keep Muscles Healthy

4 Tips To Keep Muscles Healthy

Keeping your muscles healthy is essential to keep degenerative diseases at bay. Whether you are an athlete or just someone who works out regularly, it is crucial for you to learn to keep your muscles healthy. In order to keep your muscular system healthy, here are 4 major tips that you need to follow.

Warm up and cool down
Before beginning a workout, it is imperative to give your body time to adjust to the increased physical activity levels. A warm up session lasting for at least 15 minutes is necessary to warm up the muscles that will be exercised during the workout. A light jog or a brisk walk can help prepare the muscles that will be exerted during the round of exercises that you will be performing.

Cooling down after a strenuous workout is also critical to allow your body to slow down its metabolic activity and heart rate and to allow the muscles to resume their normal state.  Cooling down is similar to a warming up process except that it is performed at a slower pace. Cooling down should be done by performing a slow activity such as walking at the lowest pace on a treadmill.

Stretching is absolutely essential to prevent muscle tears and allow your muscles to gradually get accustomed to the activity levels you intend to perform at. Stretching should also be performed for a good 15-20 minutes to set the pace for the muscles for the rest of the workout. Holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds is the ideal practice. You can consult a physical therapist to advise you better regarding ideal workout practices and routines based on your individual needs. Stretching should be done after a warm up as it will be more effective with already warmed up muscles.

Staying hydrated
Staying hydrated is important for good overall health and well being of the body but it is especially important to keep your muscular system healthy as it helps the body replenish the electrolytes lost during a workout. Staying hydrated also provides all the muscles with sufficient electrolytes required to maintain muscle strength and control at optimum levels while working out. For an average person, 2 liters or 8 glasses of water a day is adequate, for athletes and active individuals it should be increased by 2-3 glasses more to keep your muscular system healthy.

Eating right
Diet is a major factor that needs to be perfected to keep your muscular system healthy. The right diet helps muscles regain their strength, repair themselves and to continue to function smoothly. Include a balanced proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals and vitamins to ensure your muscles are supplied with all the required nutrients to stay healthy.

If you keep your muscular system healthy, it helps the system deal with injuries better and promotes a healthy healing time. You also need to keep your muscular system healthy to prevent the occurrence of degenerative muscular diseases. Speak to a professional physical therapist specializing in the musculoskeletal system for more helpful tips on how to keep your muscular system healthy and get more out of your workouts.